Common Nail Polish Mistakes We All Make

Nail polish is every girl’s best friend. We all hold at least five nail polishes in our vanity at any point of time and let’s not even talk about the maximum! This little thing helps to intensify the look instantly and also gives an excellent dressing to your nails. And, who does not want to have beautiful looking nails? Just avoid making these nail polish mistakes and make your nails and hands look flawless too!

Nail Polish Mistakes We All Make1

Hitting The Bed Immediately After Applying Nail Paint

You are not the only person committing this mistake. Many of us hit the bed after applying nail paints. According to experts, nail polish actually needs 2 hours to set on the nails completely. So, while sleeping you risking your polish to get smudged. The trick here says, run extreme cold water over the nails which will set the nail paint faster before hitting the bed. Do not use warm or hot warm for his purpose, it won’t work!

Nail Polish Mistakes We All Make

Applying Thick Coats

Many of us are guilty applying thick coats of nail paints, mainly to intensify the color. While we try to apply thick layers on the nails, there are chances of nail paint to get into the cuticle area which leads to messy nails. If you want to apply many coats, do not make them thick. Apply the first coat, wait for it to dry and then apply another coat.

Skipping The Top Coat

Skipping the top coat is probably the biggest nail paint mistake we make! Top coat does not only give the final finish to the nails, but it ensures that your manicure and its shine lasts for longer period of time.

Ignoring The Base Coat

Just like top coat, base coat also is the secret behind perfect nail paint. Although, it is only the colour of your polish that gets reflected, it looks better and more polished. Also, a good base coat makes the polish stay for long and also prevents staining of nails.

Nail Polish Mistakes We All Make2

Using Expired or Super Old Nail Polishes

Nail paints usually get expired within 8-12 months. They start changing their texture, consistency and even color. Using some 10 month old nail paint will never give you the desired look. Also, such nail paints tend to damage your nails in the long run.

Not Preparing The Base Well

Yes, the base should be prepared and take care of nails before you start applying the nail paint. Applying lotion on the nails right before nail polish isn’t the best idea ever! Any greasy substance or lotion on nails makes the nail paint smudge and slip out. Also, nail paints in such scenario take forever to get dried. It is always a good idea to properly cleanse the nails with a cotton beforehand.

Nail Polish Mistakes We All Make3

Wrong Application Technique

Apply your polish in three narrow, even strokes, one down the middle and one down each side. Then wait two minutes before applying a second coat. And don’t keep layering it on unnecessarily. If you want the color to look intense, go for a darker shade.

Hope you all found this useful. Have a happy nail polishing people! 😀

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8 thoughts on “Common Nail Polish Mistakes We All Make

  1. I never apply base coat and top coat and then complain about loss of shine and chipping. Very small mistakes but spoil the look. Another good one Rima!

  2. I am guilty of a few of these mistakes Rima, I often tend to miss the base and top coat and also use super old nail paints sometimes… I guess I should stop trying 😛

  3. That was a helpful post. I’ve done one mistake; applying cuticle oil before applying nail paint. That’s why the texture didn’t come out well. :/

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