Make Your Own Nail Polish Remover: Do It Yourself

Make Your Own Nail Polish Remover: Do It Yourself

Hello everyone,

Today, I am sharing an easy but fun DIY with you all. I hope you remember Rati’s review for Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover and recently Fahveen’s Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover.


Both the removers are very different in packaging and in functionality than the normal nail polish remover we use with cotton. Somehow, this concept appealed to me so much and I decided to make one for me. It is really easy to make and is so fun to use, so here I am sharing with you how you can make one on your own.

These are the ingredients needed:


  • Normal cleaning sponge.
  • Your favourite nail polish remover.
  • Hobby knife.
  • Clean container.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

Step 1: Cut the sponge as per your container size.

Step 2: On the top side of it, make a mark as shown in the picture with the help of a pen or pencil.

How To Make Nail Polish Remover 1

Step 3: Now, using the hobby knife, cut in depth along the mark.

Step 4: Roll the sponge lengthwise to put it inside the container.

Step 5: Slowly rotate and insert the sponge inside the container.

Step 6: After inserting, it should look like this, the cut portion should be on top.

How To Make Nail Polish Remover 2

Step 7:  Insert a pen/pencil in the cut opening and move it up and down to widen the gap and create a permanent one.

Step 8:  Finally, put your favourite nail polish remover liquid in the container from the opening created in sponge. Put it slowly, giving sponge time to absorb the liquid.

nailpolish remover

That’s all your own nail polish remover is ready. This is so convenient to carry around and you don’t need to worry about carrying cottons along with the remover liquid. To do some beautification, you can put some sticker on the container and make it as funky as you please.

Now, let’s see how it works. Just dip your finger in the sponge from the opening and rotate it 2-3 times and voila your nails are clean.

How To Make Nail Polish Remover 3

Super easy and fun to use, I am going to keep it with me in my bag whenever I travel and plan to make some for my sister and SIL also.

I hope you all like this DIY and will try it too 🙂

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71 thoughts on “Make Your Own Nail Polish Remover: Do It Yourself

  1. Hi… I have also made this one.. after seeing the super expensive Colorbar makeup remover which is based on the same concept.. the best part is that this is so travel friendly… i love it…

  2. Yes.. they do.. ive seen it at Beauty Center in Mum abt 4-5 months bck… it was priced at approx Rs. 250+… I loved it then…but dint buy it coz I thght it was too expensive for a makeup remover.. I kept staring at it to find out the concept and the SA thought I was all mad luking at a simple makeup remover for soooo long… it was hilarious… little did she know I will try it out at home.. lol…

  3. wow, i was thinking to buy colorbar nailpolish remover as it was easy to carry with you but that was bit costly now i don’t need to spend too much for nailpolish remover. thanks for such a useful post.

      1. I have a doubt thought, do you cut that ‘Y’ mark on the sponge.. on the length side, or breadth side or height side? I’m a li’l confused.

        1. it should cut in depthe. that is just put the knife on all 3 lines of Y mark one by one and make cut depth wise. your knife should showly go inside the sponge.
          I hope I am clear now… 🙂

  4. Awesome DIY! Can’t wait to try this one out.. although can you tell me how long will this last? Won’t it go dry soon?

    1. it won’t go try soon swati as you will keep the cap closed. moreover sponge hepls the acetone evoparate slower…. and whenever it dries out jut pour some more acetone and you are good to go 🙂

    1. if you will keep the cap open even the liquid nail polish remover evaporates cherry…. so till you keep the cap closed after use it will be fine…

  5. easy to make, carry and use…great for someone like me who lazy around when it comes to removing nail polish…thanks much for such a brilliant idea!!

  6. supeb shweta.. wt an idea sir jee.. 😀 supercool diy shweta.. am definitely making it abhi k abhi.. cant wait for dis easy nail polish remover wow.. kya dimaag h shweta awesome!

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