Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil Review

Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil

Hi my beautiful friends..

How’s new month of July going on so far? We are enjoying frequent get together now a days. Undoubtedly summers bring along golden opportunity to hang out with friends and enjoy spicy hot barbecue treats. Not to forget our golden ticket to wear shorts, capris, mini and maxi dresses as well. However it does not seem as easy as we read it to wear minis and sexy capris isn’t? How I wish I was born with smooth silky skin like fishes or snakes.. 😛

Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max withMoroccan Argan Oil

Have you ever been in a situation when you have no idea what to wear as all LBDs or mini dresses seem inappropriate on your rough coarse skin as you were too lazy to do homework before an event. Well I am habitual of such situations every now and then since I feel too lazy to reach for epilator or wax strips. Moreover, my super active tot is always ready to imitate or screw my fool proof plans. To ease my task I picked this Nair shower cream as I have used its hair remover cream before. So please read onto know how this Nair shower cream max with Moroccan argan oil faired on my skin.

Price: $6-$8 for 13 Oz (368 g), price vary store to store

Packaging: This thick, pale, off white cream comes in hygienic and sturdy, opaque plastic bottle with pump dispenser opening which has teeny cap at end of nozzle to avoid spillage. It comes with double sided soft and bumpy sponge encased inside safety transparent plastic case. It does have faint urea infused smell which is not over powering and usually washes away once we rinse off cream. Over all it gets full on marks for safe, user friendly, travel friendly and hygienic packaging.

Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max with Moroccan ArganOil

My take on Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil:

I usually prefer epilators/waxing over frequent use of hair creams as I have heard that creams tend to darken our arm pits if used on regular basis. However its argan oil tagline was more than enough to overcome my fear. I was so right for it can never replace my shaver/epilator in long run. I had slight mixed (read little painful yet satisfactory) results from this cream.

My first warning goes to all gals who suffer from sun burns and tan, never use these creams over tanned skin. I did a blunder by using it over my slight tanned arms and I suffered severe bumps over my arms which were rather itchy initially thereafter burning like bees sting. To my horror my arms suffered several red scars and acne within few hours but thankfully coconut oil helped me sooth that severe burning and clearing those nasty scars. Moreover I rubbed a sponge on my sensitive skin (it was itching like anything) while removing off hair in shower which proved fatal for my sensitive tanned skin I guess. Luckily, I used it only on arms sparing my other sensitive body parts including arm pits and bikini line.

Nair Hair Remover ShowerPower Max with Moroccan Argan Oil

Next time when I used this cream on my legs and arm pits (upon assurance from my friend who uses it) I washed my skin with soap and water prior of hair removal and gently patted cream all over my dry skin. I did notice it started slight itching after 2-3 minutes but it was not severe unlike last time. I waited for good 5-9 minutes and stepped in shower with big wash cloth to gently massage in circular motion and rinse off traces of cream and hair off my skin. The trick worked and I noticed only few bumps on my skin which were the result of my harsh scrubbing. My skin was softer, clear and I suffered less itching. To my surprise my arm pits were all clear without a single bump or pain. So we should always wash our skin with warm water and soap prior to hair removal and gently slather this cream on dry skin with no massage strokes and then wait patiently for 5-9 minutes. Gently massage in circular motion to rinse cream and hairs off skin in shower (use trepid water) remember not to scrub. I never use its sponge applicator as it only accentuates my itching and as a result I develop bumps all over. And simply use coconut oil post shower to pacify and calm down irritated skin.

Nair Hair Remover Shower PowerMax with Moroccan Argan Oil

Okay so this was part of my horror story now the feel good factor is that it does what it claims to do so. I enjoyed softer, hair free skin for good 1.5-2 weeks and even after 2 weeks the hair growth was slow. I was relieved that all my pain and suffering paid off. However I am slight disappointed to see that this cream does not remove hair from hair shaft completely unlike waxing or epilator. It gives me uneven finish as I see clear soft skin on some parts of my body while some parts look pale black just because it only removes hair from surface and I can see prominent hair follicles deep seated inside hair shaft which looks like an ugly patch while wearing shorts or minis.

I feel it can only work fine on small surfaces like arm pits while for arms and legs I can only rely on epilators or waxing. The good part is I have been using it regularly for few months and never experienced any skin darkening. Though I am not fully convinced to use it again thinking about that mess of waiting in shower and slathering coconut oil post shower to reduce that pain and bumps, I would rather prefer running epilator over my skin. So, finally I would warn all sensitive skin gals to stay away from this cream as it is certainly not for faint hearts especially in summers when we easily suffer tans and burns. I would not like to try hair cream again except for my sensitive arm pits and even if I dare to use cream again it won’t be this Nair cream.

Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max with MoroccanArgan Oil

Pros of Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil:

• An effective hair removal cream which works on thick coarse hairs effectively, infused with goodness of Moroccan argan oil
• It works in shower hence no hassles of waxing practically
• It gives clear, smooth skin post shower provided we use it as per instructions
• It certainly delays onset of hairs on skin as I experienced fresh growth after 1.5-2 weeks
• If used gently and carefully it does removes hairs without irritating or burning skin though it is always good to try patch test before using new creams on skin
• It works fine on arm pits apart from legs and arms though I never dare to use it on bikini line
• It does not rip moisture off my skin other than giving me bumpy skin for a while which was side effect of my harsh massaging
• Quite user friendly, travel friendly and hygienic packaging provided with sponge applicator.

Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil

Cons of Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil:

• It might react and give severe stinging bumps on tanned, sun burnt skin mind it
• No matter how carefully I use it on my skin, I still develop minor bumps and red skin which really annoys me
• Considering its minor itchy nature I won’t recommend it for bikini line honestly
• Its sponge applicator is ineffective in massaging off hairs, it can only work as applicator prior of shower
• I always noticed that we need to leave on cream for longer 5-9 minutes irrespective of thin/thick hair growth
• I get slight uneven finishing post shower as this cream does not completely remove hair off hair shaft as a result my skin looks nothing but a masterpiece of red, black patches
• The long I wait for shower the more it starts feeling unbearable on my skin sometimes
• No matter it is easy to work upon I will never use it on my arms and legs except arm pits as it only works good for arm pits

Well I would say even if the patch test comes safe for this cream try it on small skin surface first and then proceed. It is big no for my skin and I will give it 2.8/5 over all!

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15 thoughts on “Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil Review

    1. Oh yes jomol, I suffered multiple painful bumps earlier n dnt ask me hw my arms were burning like insect stings. *cry* *scared* I only limit it’s usage to small surface nw

  1. a different version of this was gifted by one of my friend. As you said, we can be hair free for longer days compared to the indian creams available here. but i prefer waxing for creams. nice detailed review 🙂

    1. Hmm yes sindhu u t rt, it does help in delaying hair arrival but the bumps n reactions on sensitive skin r nt worth it.. *scared* I feel waxing n epilator hurts less n mess free than this cream.. *haan ji*
      *thankyou* gal glad u liked it.. *happydance*

  2. whenever a hair removing bream gives itchy skin, bumps or burn, without wasting time, run cold water over it for sometime and then instantly apply the regular burn cream containing Silver sulfadiazine (e.g dermazin) 🙂

    1. Haan dats natural action sumera.. whenever we feel itching or burning we naturally run for water *hifive* n coconut oil really helps with dat pain n scars knw.. *haan ji* Waise b coconut oil isnatural remedy to heal burn n pregnancy stretch marks.. *haan ji* bt I will keep ur advice handy for my Frnds n relatives in such case.. *hifive* *thankyou* gal.. *happydance*

    1. Oh really.. *scared* Nair other creams I used earlier were decent bt this is just an exception, *nababana*

  3. Even I used to get red rashes, white heads n acne on my hands after waxing/ shaving earlier n at one point of time I completely stopped waxing n made my mind to live with unwanted hair..later one beautician came like an angel in my life n advised me to apply coconut oil after waxing n waxed my hands n I dont get a single rash

  4. I prefer wax over removal cream …but dis sounds promising one… u reviewed In detail very well as always….

    1. *thankyou* chaitali glad u liked it but this cream does not sound promising considering my dreadful experiences nd mess.. *scared*

  5. Such a dud it turned out to be *nonono* *nonono* I was rather excited with this new way of hair removal *hunterwali* *hunterwali*

    1. I ws excited too initially but that layering of cream (wid active tot running around u) n then running for waste wash cloths either trash them or reuse which is another mess.. *headbang* bas yahi soch k i gave up totally.. *headbang* i wud rather prefer to bear n run an epilator over my skin then getting into mess of creams.. *scared* *scared*

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