Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil Review

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Have you ever postponed your waxing schedule only to get busier in the next few days and then suddenly you get an invitation too difficult to skip! This happens with me all the time. Thus I have to keep one quick fix handy for such emergencies. Earlier I have used instant hair removal solutions in the form of creams like Veet and Anne French. While I prefer Veet for the smoothness it adds, this time I thought of picking a new brand. This is my first purchase from Nair and it has reasons to make me stay hooked for more. Keep reading to know more about my experience.

Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil Packaging

Price: AED 25.00

Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil Claims

My Experience with Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil:

The hair remover comes packed in a sealed spray bottle. I find this extremely convenient as this helps the product survive longer. Tube-based hair removal creams are good but it is disappointing to find that over the time unused part left in the tube loses its efficacy. Unless I can finish the whole tube in one go, it is a waste of money. On the other hand, this kind of packaging would not let the product come in contact with air, keeping it fresh for a longer duration.

Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil Review

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The product has foam-like consistency, not as rich as a shaving foam but more or less good enough to sit on skin instead of flowing. The spray form of applicator eases application on large areas like legs. Before jumping into the process one should do a patch test to find out whether the skin is sensitive to the product.

Also, not to forget shaking the bottle before use is another important step. If this is skipped a colourless liquid flows out of the spray which is completely useless. One needs to apply this remover to clean, dry skin and cover up all the unwanted hair area with a generous amount. There is no need of massaging the skin or rubbing it in any manner. It is to be left on the skin for the next 3-5 minutes. Also, it is important to spray the remover from a distance of at least 5 cms as instructed.

Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil Nozzle

Most of the hair starts melting within few minutes even if the strands are thick enough. Once the strands appear curly it looks done and it is time to wipe off. Usually, it takes at least 5 minutes and then it is time to wipe off using a soft towel. If someone has thick hair they can leave it longer but it is important to note that maximum one can leave this on for 12 minutes only.

As expected, it removes all the strands and leaves the skin smooth and hair free. There is no discomfort or itch on the skin. Also, the sweet fragrance of the product turns slightly unpleasant while it is applied to the skin but not to an extent that would disturb sensitive noses. Like any other temporary hair removal technique, hair starts growing out for the next day itself. However, it does not make the skin darker.

I have already used it for 5-6 times on my underarms and legs and have not faced any issue of discolouration. There are no drawbacks as such, the only point is that such products might be harmful if used continuously thus it is better kept for emergencies only.

Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil Swatch

Pros of Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil:

• Easy to use on large areas
• Good for all skin types
• Effectively removes unwanted hair
• Does not irritate the skin
• Does the job in a few minutes as promised
• Does not darken the skin
• Has a pleasant smell which does not choke my nose even when the smell changes
• Travel-friendly

Cons of Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil:

• Difficult to detect quantity left
• Not easily available in India
• Nothing different from other hair removers as the hair starts growing back from the next day itself
• I don’t know why it is only meant for legs, underarms and not arms

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend Nair Rose Hair Removal Spray with Baby Oil?
Yes, this is a hassle-free key to getting hair-free, smooth skin in a few minutes without any discomfort or irritation on the skin. If done right this technique gives a smooth finish within the shortest possible time but using it more frequently may be harmful in the long run. An effective product for quick fixes before a party plus it works for all hair types making it a great buy.

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