Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum Review

Scent Preference: Floral
Sensitive and irritation to very strong scents

Hello everybody,

Today, I am here to share my views on Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum. Launched in early 2016, it is a new addition by Narciso Rodriquez to his feminine fragrance range. To know more about this perfume, kindly continue reading.

Price: £59 for 50ml
Product Description:
Narciso Rodriguez continues the story of sensuality and seduction with a velvety, powerful and delicate at the same time; warm and strong Narciso Poudrée. The goal was to create a fragrant cloud that highlights a natural and mature femininity. Powdery musk dominates the heart of the perfume, which opens with a floral combination of Bulgarian rose and white jasmine. Woody notes of vetiver, black and white cedar end the composition.
Perfume Composition:
Top Notes: A carnal floral bouquet of Bulgarian rose and white jasmine petals.
Middle Notes: A powdery heart of musk.
Base Notes: An elegant woody trail of vetiver and cedar wood.
Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum is packaged in a powdery pink coloured translucent glass bottle. It has a nozzle spray attached and a powdery peachy pink coloured cap, which closes firmly. This square shaped bottle of 50ml looks very elegant and modern. This travel-friendly bottle comes packaged in a powdery peachy pink coloured cardboard box. This box has the perfume name and other details inscribed in a black coloured font.

My Experience with Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum:

I like experimenting with perfumes and this time I picked up Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum. I am aware that Narciso Rodriquez range of feminine perfumes have woody and musky dominance which make these scents very sensual and seductive. The story of seduction continues with the Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum, a deeply addictive fragrance for her. This magnetic perfume captures the mystery of attraction. It’s a scent many women may surrender to, at least it has succeeded in enchanting me. I am sensitive to musky and woody essence and find it unappealing and overwhelming sometimes.

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Narciso Poudree initially hits very strong and I find it quite overwhelming for my senses when worn on pulse points. But, as the entrancing aroma settles down, it soothes my senses and pleases me. The velvety aroma creates a fragrant cloud of femininity with seductive top notes of white jasmine and Bulgarian rose with a heart of musk. Musk dominates the composition, leaving a trail of powdered bliss on the skin while a woody base of white and black cedars and aromatic vetiver makes this perfume irresistible. A fragrance that makes me tremble with pleasure, I would say. It’s a powerful yet delicate composition; an expression of alluring femininity.

Narciso Poudree is for a women who are provocative and confident. The lasting power is too good, both on pulse points and outfits. If I wear it on my wrist in the evening, it lasts till next day morning. Despite the excellent lasting power, the silage is mediocre, not great. Only intimate people can sense that I am wearing this scent. I use this perfume only for special occasions and special evening outings. I love wearing it on my pulse points, especially on my wrist and spraying it on my outfits. I also spray it at the back of my palm, close to my thumb so that when people shake hands with me, this enchanting perfume transfers to their fingers and they ask me which scent I am wearing!

Pros of Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum:

• An irresistible blend of sensual woods, Bulgarian rose and white jasmine.
• Heart note of musk.
• An addictive and elegant fragrance that fascinates my senses.
• Lasting power is easily ten hours and even more.
• Can be worn on pulse points and sprayed on outfits.
• Simple but elegant packaging, which is travel-friendly.
• Available in 30, 50 and 90 ml bottles.

Cons of Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum:

• It’s a bit overwhelming, but fine with me.
• Sillage is mediocre.
• Highly priced.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum?
Yes, highly recommended for lovers of sensual wood and seductive musk mixed with floral notes of Bulgarian rose and jasmine. I may or may not repurchase.

Thanks and cheers!

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