NARS Brow Defining Cream El Djouf Review, Swatch, EOTD

nars brow defining cream el djouf 1

Claims : Get your fill. Sculpt soft, natural-looking brows with Brow Defining Cream. Its silky, cream formula glides and layers for superior buildability. Quickly blends. Effortlessly shapes. Brows go fuller—faster. Softly sets and stays all day. Long-wearing. Smudge-resistant. Humidity-resistant.
Price : USD 24 / INR 1500 approx
Colors available : 4 Danakil (dark brown), El Djouf (light brown), Sonoran (blonde), Tanami (auburn)

My Experience with NARS Brow Defining Cream El Djouf:
A whole lot of people rave about the Anastasia Brow Dip Pomade, but I never kind of got into that bandwagon. I am more of a quick brow pencil person. It has a bit to do with my already decent brow hair plus I am not perfecting in drawing brows. On most days, I would just fill in the gaps, brush the hair up and I am good to go. I picked up this NARS brow defining cream a while ago. I use it quite on and off but I have been using it very regularly more of than not these days. It is available in 4 colors.

I picked up the shade “El Djouf.” It’s a medium greyish brown. I think it’s more about the color that I have got liking to this product so much. It’s the perfect shade of brown that’s not too dark, neither too warm, nor too cool..just so beautifully natural. It makes me sing all things nice. 😀

It comes packed in this lovely little pot. The texture is creamy without being too creamy. It has that mix between powdery creamy texture that gives it the lasting power but also makes it look natural. There’s no shine to it.  It’s cream but powder..I mean I don’t know how else to out it.

Here’s a list of quick pros and cons:
Comes in 4 colors. Although I do find just 4 shades quite limiting but it can cater to a wide audience.
The little pot is lightweight and easy to use. Not the most hygienic option but I don’t know how else this could be packaged. I quite like the cute packaging. Looks very natural. (check the before and after swatch below). Is very pigmented and can be built up to your liking. Is not overly creamy or oily and that gives it a lovely natural look as well as the lasting power.

I have worn it for good 7-8 hours and I haven’t seen it moving or fading. And it does not budge even when you have sweaty forehead. Experienced. 😛 That loves up to its claims if being humidity resistant. A little goes a long way. Not available in India.

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I wish it came with its own brush. NARS makes some brilliant brushes. They can definitely include a little one to go handy with it.

Overall, this product is going to feature in my list of “top 100 products” at the end of the year. I have grown to like it and now I love it. The whole brush and pot thing is a little tasking when you are in a hurry, but for every other day, I use this over anything else I have in my kit at the moment.
Love it. recommend it. 🙂

Rating : 4.8/8
nars brow defining cream el djouf

nars brow defining cream el djouf review

Swatchnars brow defining cream el djouf swatch

Before and after brow (notice how natural it looks)nars brow cream

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