Nars Fathom Shimmer Eyeshadow Makes You Shine or Not?

Nars Fathom Shimmer Eyeshadow

By Cidra K.

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Today I’m going to review the only NARS product I own, which is the NARS shimmer eye shadow in FATHOM! Let’s see if it was a hit or a miss!!


Luminous, light-reflecting powders for shading, highlighting and lining eyes. Highly pigmented, long-wearing, crease-resistant colors glide on smoothly and evenly and blend effortlessly. Can be applied sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect.

• True-color application
• Can be applied dry or with dampened brush for heightened intensity
• Multi-function use for shading, highlighting and lining the eyes.
• Sophisticated, luminous shades



It is priced at $25 which is approximately 1500 INR. I got mine as a gift from my Chachi.


The eye shadow comes in a sturdy black packaging, with a tiny mirror on the inside. It is the usual NARS packaging, nothing great about it. It has NARS written on the top while the shade name is written at the back. The boldly written brand name makes it easier to identify the product in your makeup stash.


Fathom is a pretty baby-pink shade with silver shimmer in it. The shimmer looks very prominent in the pan and gets strewed evenly on the lids without looking over the top. The shimmer is not as noticeable once you wear it on your lid; you need to look up close so you can see. The shimmer is not as sparkly and glittery as it looks in the pan. It is pretty sheer, like, it is barely there. It does show up on fairer skin tones a little bit. If you just want a wash of color, I suggest you use this eye shadow. This shadow is just not for you, especially if you want intensity and drama on your lid. This works well as a highlighter though, you can use it on the high points of your face and for depositing twinkles along the brow bone and it photographs well too.

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It is NARS we are talking about, and we obviously have our expectations when it comes to high-end brands.  The color looks gorgeous in the pan, but the color-pay off on the lid is awful. The color as I mentioned is pretty sheer and you need at least 5-6 swipes to see the baby pink color on the eye. It lacks the pigmentation factor that high-end brands tend to have, or maybe it is just this shade that has got problems!! I can’t judge without testing them out, but this surely was a huge disappointment.


The texture is not very good either, it is too chalky and dry and it causes a lot of fall-out, which is a big NO-NO. The silver shimmer goes all over the face, it does not blend well either. Surely not the kind of texture you’d expect from a high-end product. I love the texture of MAC eye shadows, and in all honesty, I was expecting something similar, or at least close to it.

Staying Power:

Even though, I am not really a fan of this product, it does have a good lasting power for about five to six hours without a primer. But it tends to age my eyes and make me look, if used all by itself, which is why I prefer using it as a highlight and not an eye shadow.



Pros of the Nars Fathom Shimmer Eyeshadow:

1. The staying power is good.
2. Sturdy packaging.
3. Works great as a highlight.

Cons of Nars Fathom Shimmer Eyeshadow:

1. Too pricey.
2. Disappointing texture and pigmentation.
3. Has fall-outs
4. Makes you look dull.
5. Hard to blend.


Nars Fathom Shimmer Eyeshadow Makes You Shine or Not?

NO!! Totally..!! Being the brand that it is, I had high expectations. This is the very first product from NARS that I’ve used and I’m thoroughly disappointed!

Do I recommend Nars Fathom Shimmer Eyeshadow?

Absolutely NOT! It works well as a highlight, but I don’t think it is worth investing in an eye shadow, when you can get a good highlighter.



Will I repurchase Nars Fathom Shimmer Eyeshadow?

Nope, I’d rather invest in other products from the brand.

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4 thoughts on “Nars Fathom Shimmer Eyeshadow Makes You Shine or Not?

    1. Yes, so did I!! I really like how the color looks in the pan, but once its on your lid..its a DISASTER! I hope other products don’t disappoint me! 🙁
      Really want to try their blushes though!!

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