Nars Gina Blush Review

Nars Gina Blush

How many Nars Blushes are there? A lot. I’ve tried several of them, and I find that I’m eager to try more. They’re just so pretty on the skin! Of the Nars Blushes I have, I find that I use some much more often than others, and that my favorites change through time. Currently, my unexpected, out of season favorite is Gina.


The shade Gina is described by Nars as a true tangerine. To my naked eye, in the pan, the Nars Gina Blush looks like a dirty orange. It’s helpful to always try to remember not to judge a blush by how it looks like in its packaging. Because most times it can look different on the skin, as it does in the case of Gina.


My skin tone is NC 30-35 in MAC foundations, with a warm, yellow tone, and in the last several months, perhaps due to pregnancy hormones or the year-round hot weather in Manila, my face, particularly my nose and cheeks, have been splotchy and reddish. What I wasusing were the berry-hued blushes often used during the holiday season, and they looked okay but I wanted more than okay. Pinks didn’t make me look any better, only more splotchy, and red blushes I skipped entirely.

I turned to nude blushes and didn’t think to try peach or orange blush because I tend to reserve those for summer. I’m glad I started using Nars Gina in December instead of later this year, because for me, it’s a winner. On my skin it looks like a soft peach shade, not a bright or garish orange. It counteracts the redness in my cheeks and brightens my dull complexion at the same time. A lot of times, my skin is sallow so I tend to look sickly, and the Nars Gina Blush does make my face look more noticeably healthy and lively.

Gina’s finish is matte, but it doesn’t look chalky or dry on my skin. It also has a sheerness to it that I think keeps it from looking garish on the skin and makes it look more natural. It is still a fairly pigmented blush but it is so different from Taj Mahal, Nars’ famous orange blush. Whereas with Taj Mahal it’s easy to go overboard, Gina is much more forgiving in application and is easier to use in creating a natural finish on the skin. I like to use 2-3 layers on Gina, instead of one heavy pat because I find blushes easier to blend that way. Gina has a somewhat powdery texture, but I have had no problems applying it. It is not patchy or streaky at all.


Gina swatched lightly, photographed under the shade

The Nars Gina Blush lasts all day on me (FYI, my skin type is dry) . When I apply it in the morning, I still see the color coming off on my cotton pad when I take my makeup off in the evening.

Gina on my cheeks

Pros of Nars Gina blush:

• Gives cheeks a healthy, natural-looking hue.
• Not having shimmer/glitter makes it look even more natural & flattering.
• This shade brightens up the face without looking too made up, in my opinion.
• It has nice pigmentation.
• It doesn’t give me a hard time in applying it evenly.
• It lasts long on my skin.
• Doesn’t cause irritation or pimples on my skin, but none of the Nars Blushes ever have.
• The compact contains a mirror, I always appreciate that.

Cons of Nars Gina blush:

• The high price point.
• You can expect the compact to go all rubbery and dusty in about a year’s time, if you use it regularly.


I would recommend the Nars Gina Blush to those who are looking for a natural-looking, face-brightening peach or soft orange blush, and also if your cheeks tend to look all blotchy with redness, since it seems to counteract that. I think it would suit so many different complexions, except perhaps the very pale-skinned or people with very cool skin tones. Despite its being an orange shade, I’d use it any time of the year and would repurchase it.

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