NARS Ita #21 Brush Review

NARS Ita #21 Brush Review / Kabuki Artisan Brush

NARS Ita Brush review

Claims :

Modern concept and function unite with traditional Japanese culture, creating unique and versatile Kabuki Artisan brush designs. Featuring super black goat hair known for its softness and strength, NARS’ brushes are designed for a variety of uses including color application, blending, contouring and highlighting. Ita Brush is a small, flat and angular design ideal for blending and contouring.

Price : US $ 39 / Rs 2300 approx

NARS Ita Brush #21

NARS Ita Brush #21 details

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My Experience : I could not find this brush on NARS website. It keeps appearing and disappearing from the NARS website. It is a suuuuper popular brush. I think when the brush goes of stock, they remove it from their site. But I saw this brush everywhere at the NARS counters in Bangkok. So if you want this brush, definitely check at the counters.

Anyhoo, Ita is THE most amazing bronzing/ contouring brush I have come across. And it lives up to all its hype.

It is a flat tapered brush so  you get the very precise application. You can easily apply the product exactly where it is to be placed without your bronzer going all over the place. The bristles are not very thickly packed but are dense enough to pick the right amount of product. The bristles are soft. The bristles are also fluffy enough that they help diffuse the color.The brush makes life easier basically. Even if you don’t know how to contour with it, because of the flat shape of the brush you would be able to. You can use the brush vertically in an angle to apply the product and flip the brush horizontally to diffuse the product. All this while it’s very unlikely that you’d go wrong with the application. The flat shape makes contouring a dream.

The bristles are soft and not scratchy at all. But I am someone who has also used Hakuhodo brushes and they are the epitome of softness. So I am basically spoilt . 😐 No brushes have ever come close to Hakuhodo brushes in terms of softness. If I would have not used those, I would have called ITA a veryy soft brush but now I’d place it in a medium soft brush category.

I have already washed it twice. There has been absolutely no bleeding or shedding of bristles.

I use the brush for both contouring and highlighting.

For comparison, I have used a similar brush from Illamasqua. I do not like that brush for the sole reason that the brush is super densely packed. I can’t be bothered to use two brushes – one for application and one for blending. NARS Ita totally solves that problem – it has perfect shape that makes contouring easier and enough fluffiness that also helps in blending out the harsh lines.

The only problem with NARS Ita brush is the handle. It is a rubbery matte black handle, which gets dirty too easily. But that’s the problem with all NARS products. As classy as the matte packaging looks, it’s very prone to getting stained. I always end up spending way too much time cleaning NARS products.

If you can get your hands on this brush, you MUST! It’s make your life a whole lot easier. 🙂 You’d love the whole contouring process. 🙂

Rating : 4.5/5

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16 thoughts on “NARS Ita #21 Brush Review

  1. crisp pics *woot* and that looks like a tall dark and handsome brush *hihi* or else most brushes are cute *drool* would love to have this in my collection ..lovely review *clap* *puchhi*

    1. Parmita…..I would also call it a well dressed brush….it looks the price……!

      Rati……Hakuhodo brushes are the ultimate na…..

  2. Sold!!! I’m gonna pick this up…as soon as I m able to get my hands on this. Great review Rati! N this part is sooo true… Unless you have something better to compare a product with, we believe the product to be great…!!

  3. Hi rati di.I just wanna thank you for this awesome blog.I have my board exams going on and aaj chemistry ka was so good.I visit your blog whenever I feel stressed out and lonely and now I’m addicted to has kinda become my me.since I’m from science stream I constantly have to hear my mom saying “science ke bacchon ka in cheezon mein dhyan nahi hota”.but I really can’t help it.I don’t know if its good for me to indulge in makeup or not but it’s like my hobby and I love grooming myself.I love it.I love love love your blog it’s a total stress buster for me.I wish I could soon write a review and post my OOTD like atika di,jomol di and Neha di after my exams. *scared* 🙂 *shy*

  4. i might be the only one to say this…but this seems really cute to me….especially because of it’s bristle size *puchhi* *puchhi*

  5. its really talk dark handsome brush.. *woot* *jalwa* *jalwa* I wud love to pick it up for its hot & happening design.. *jalwa* *woot* *woot*

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