Nars Rebel Yell Nail Polish Review

Nars Rebel Yell Nail Polish

It’s hard for me to shell out anything more than, say, 6 dollars for a bottle of nail polish nowadays. I used to be really, really into nail polish and back then was very curious about Nars and other high-end polishes, but couldn’t bring myself to buy them. When a full-size Nars Rebel Yell Nail Polish was given to me as a gift with purchase, I was pleased to satisfy the curiosity of my former, nail polish-loving self.

From the Nars website:
NARS Nail Polish imparts incredible luster and a fresh, fashion-forward accent to any beauty look. An advance polymer system provides extended wear and a durable, chip-resistant finish.
• UV protection to prevent polish discoloration
• Long-wearing, chip-resistant finish
• Toluene, formaldehyde and DBP free


19 USD for 15ml

I didn’t check the item immediately though and later discovered that the cap of the nail polish was all sticky. The cap of Nars Nail Polishes are in the same black, rubbery material,Nars blushes are in, and these can get all sticky and melty, as the cap of this nail polish did, so it’s dirty. But I don’t feel bad because it was a gift with purchase, after all.

The contents of the bottle seem perfectly fine. This nail polish has a smooth formula. It’s not thick, nor runny. It’s a good medium. It applies smoothlyon the nail and isn’t hard to work with.

The brush of it is a bit narrow and generally I prefer wider brushes, but I don’t find the brush of this polish difficult to use. I had thought that the square shade of the cap might feel awkward in my hand, but it’s not and is easy to handle.
The color of Rebel Yell is described by Nars as a dusty pomegranate. To my eyes the color has more warmth than the color of a pomegranate, and I would personally describe it as a terracotta red, especially when the first coat is applied and the color is still a bit light. I think Nars Rebel Yell is a safe kind of red. On my NC35 skin tone, it looks alright, but not remarkable. I would’ve liked it more if it were darker, more vampy. I think it would look nice and be easy to pull off on most skin tones.

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Rebel Yell is a crème nail polish, it has no shimmer or glitter and has a shiny finish. I find that it is fully opaque in two coats. With one coat it’s mostly opaque, but looks a bit streaky, so I put on a second coat to even out the color and texture of it. It doesn’t look thick or clumpy on the nail after two coats.
It takes some minutes to feel dry, around 4 minutes, and these days anything that doesn’t dry in a minute is already a bit long for me, so I use a quick-dry top coat (Seche Vite) with this. Without any top coat, Nars Rebel Yell tends to chip on me after about 3 days, but when I do a proper manicure I always use a bottom and top coat anyway and that extends the wear time.


Pros of Nars Rebel Yell Nail Polish

• It’s big 3-free, meaning it’s free of the top 3 known harmful nail polish ingredients, which are Toulene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate or DBP.
• I think the packaging of it looks cute.
• It applies smoothly and easily onto the nail. It has a good formula.
• The color looks nice.
• Its brush and handle aren’t hard to work with.
• It’s opaque in two coats.

Cons of Nars Rebel Yell Nail Polish

• It’s expensive.
• Average chip-free wear time without top coat.
• The rubber cap turns sticky, dusty, dirty.

Would I repurchase Nars Rebel Yell Nail Polish?

Probably not. Though it has a good formula, I’m not especially attracted to the color.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

Overall:I think if you prefer Nars or high end nail polish and want a red that can be worn to the office or more conservative places, Rebel Yell is an option. I, on the other hand, like my polishes drugstore-priced. Nars Rebel Yell has a good formula but frankly I don’t find it any different from the formula of my favorite (drugstore) brand OPI.

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15 thoughts on “Nars Rebel Yell Nail Polish Review

  1. hahah m too i was like that but now i can spend upto 500 bucks on a nail color, drugstore ones have shot up their prices *nails* *nails*
    me not a fan of such maroons either but looks nice on u

    1. That’s pretty expensive for drugstore polish. *shock* Yeah I don’t find the color of this special, but it looks nice enough. Thanks, Neha. 🙂

  2. Wow Ida…. This is looking so pretty on ur nails….. U have so neat and pretty nails… Love it…… Wonder why I never get such gorgeous GWPs???????

    1. Thank you, Arpita! I was surprised when they gave me this, I knew Nars polishes are expensive, felt pretty lucky. 🙂

  3. Wow I also expected it to be a vampy kind of shade 😛 I have one in vampy shades and I totally love it *happy dance* lovely notd Ida 😀

    1. I was kind of expecting that too when I first saw the bottle, Princy. I love vampy red and purples. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. it’ such a pretty wintery shade ida . I think sometimes brands include nail paints only to complete their line and then price it high to match the rest of their makeup prices… 😐 good review and thanks for the heads up. wont pick up a nars nail paint unless i find a shade that’s worth investing in 🙂 It looks lovely on your nails though 🙂

    1. It’s definitely a great way to get people to spend more on their brand. 🙂 I just don’t think good quality nail polish has to be expensive. There are so many polish brands to explore. Me too I’ll only get a Nars nail polish or any other high end one if I find the color or finish unique. Thank you, Rati. 🙂

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