Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 – Palette #11 Review

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Ever since I have delved into Natasha Denona brand, I have fallen more and more in love with her products, especially her eyeshadows, which are to die for!  This review will be on the Natasha Denona 5 Eyeshadow palette in Palette #11.
Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette

Product Description:  
Each palette comes with 5 buttery soft eyeshadows that pair beautifully together. The breakthrough eyeshadow formula glides smoothly across lids, delivering vivid color payoff with a silky-soft feel. Create any look you desire.

Shade details

My Experience with Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 – Palette #11:

Packaging: The packaging is quite underwhelming and feels cheap. The eyeshadows come in this simple, see-through palette with 5 shades. There is a slot to keep a brush, but a brush is not provided, which I find strange. You cannot take out individual pans from the palette, just so you know if we were thinking of customizing your own set and putting them in a Z palette.
Natasha Denona palette

The shadows in these Natasha Denona palettes are pre-customized (there are about 13 variants of this 5-pan palette as of now), but you can also buy these shadows as individual singles which do end up costing more. These shadows also come in a huge 28-shadow palette, which costs a whopping $239 which may seem too much, but if you are truly in love with the Natasha Denona eyeshadows and have made up your mind to own every single one of them, the 28-pan actually brings down the price per shadow as compared to the singles or even the 5-pan palette. At the end of the day, with so many options, the choice is yours. I decided to opt for the 5-pan palette as I wanted something travel friendly and also wanted to see how the pre-customized colors work on their own to create versatile looks.
Shade names

Texture:  To simplify, I could broadly classify these Natasha Denona eyeshadows into 3 categories – mattes, shimmery/metallic finish, and glittery.
Swatch on fingers

I do own 3 of the Natasha Denona 5-pan palettes and the thing that I have noticed over the whole range is that the shimmery/metallic shadows from her are the best of the best eyeshadows I have ever used, hands-down. They even beat my Viseart shimmery shadows to the curb. The closest I can compare them to are the Kat Von D Metal Crush shadows in terms of outstanding pigmentation that both these shadow ranges provide, but the texture is very different. These Natasha Denona eyeshadows are almost like a cream pressed into a pan. There is an emollient nature to them, which as you dip you finger or your brush, would notice that these do not kick up any powder. They adhere and transfer from your applicator, be it a finger or a brush to your eyelid just a cream shadow would with full intensity, in one swipe.

I usually prefer using a natural hair bristle brush to pack these metallic/shimmery shadows.  The mattes however are not the best, but they are still of a great quality, befitting the level of high-end brand shadows. If I hadn’t used Viseart matte shadows before, I would have been very impressed with the Natasha Denona mattes as well. The Natasha Denona matte eyeshadows have great pigmentation, aren’t too dusty or chalky, are easy to blend out, but they do need to be built up in intensity in layers. It takes a little bit of effort to get these to have a smooth and seamless blended look whereas with my Viseart mattes, the blending is effortless, without compromising the intensity of pigmentation.

If I combine the shimmers/glitter of Natasha Denona with my Viseart mattes, the looks I would get would be what makeup lovers dream of – absolute perfection every single time!


The beautiful shades of green attracted me to this palette, but the shade assortment in this palette doesn’t allow you to create variety in your looks. There are 3 very similar shades of brown which end up looking very similar on the eye. I do wish there was a wild card shade in this palette too, like the True Gold shade in Palette #10, which I reviewed earlier and that one has mostly purple-based shades.

Now, let’s go on to the breakdown of individual shades in this palette.

62S Terracotta:  This is a warm brown with reddish-orange undertone. This shade has a satin sheen along with lots of micro gold sparkles. The sparkles aren’t that noticeable on the skin and most of them blend away in the process of application. This shade has good pigmentation, but it requires building up in 2-3 layers to get to full intensity. It gets blended evenly without going patchy. This shade is an excellent transition shade and pairs well with so many warm eye looks.

15M Bottle Green:  This is gorgeous deep forest green with a silver frosty sheen. It has excellent pigmentation and applies and adheres on the lid effortlessly.

61P Ochre:  This is a warm true milk chocolate brown shade with a golden frosty sheen. This shade also has great pigmentation and goes on fully opaque without the need to build up the intensity. It also blends effortlessly in the crease without being uneven or patchy.
Swatch on hand

16M Emerald Green:  OMG, how I adore this shade. It is a super metallic light minty green with a cool undertone. It is a very reflective eye-catching shade and is sure to draw compliments. It has great pigmentation and looks best packed on skin.  It doesn’t fare well to blending out as that makes it look patchy.

58P Satin Tan:  This is warm brown leaning more toward a taupe-y undertone when compared to the shade Ochre. This shade also has a frosty golden sheen though not as strong as the shade “Ochre.” It has good pigmentation and blends well without looking patchy.

As you may have noticed, this palette does not contain any matte shade, hence you may have to pull one from your own collection if you wish to use one.

Staying Power:  These eyeshadows are truly impressive in their wear time, of over 8 hours on me. These look like cream shadows on the eyes, but wear like powder with absolutely no creasing which is associated with cream shadows. I did wear them over primer, but I do think they would perform just as great without one too.

Overall, I absolutely think these Natasha Denona eyeshadows are worth the hype. The pigmentation, the vast range of shades, ease of use and the ability to create countless eye looks which turn out perfect every time make these worth every penny.

As a whole, I am not really impressed with the shade assortment in this particular palette as I feel it limits my creativity with very similar shades, yielding similar looks though there are also shades in this palette I am head-over-heels in love with. But regarding the quality of the shadows, I have absolutely no complaints, hence I absolutely recommend this if these colors speak to you.

EOTD (Metallic bright green look):  Used Emerald green in the inner 1/3rd of the lid and Bottle green on the rest of the lid. Used Satin tan in the crease and Ochre on the lower lash line.
Green eye makeup

EOTD ( Green-brown look):  Used True gold (all pulled from another Natasha donona palette #10) over the lid with the shade Terracotta in the crease.
Eye makeup

Pros of Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 – Palette #11:

  • Super-duper pigmented shade.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very high quality.
  • Best shimmery/metallic shadows I have used till date.
  • Emollient texture feels very creamy.
  • Long wearing, no creasing.

Cons of Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 – Palette #11:

  • Cheap feeling packaging.

IMBB Rating:

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  1. Seeing these reviews, Im getting super excited about my purchases!! But ya – the shade variation within this palette is less – it kind of reminds me of the green Guerlain palette we discussed… Super EOTDs!!

    1. Trust me ur gonna love them like you have never loved an eyeshadow before !!
      Its all about finding your perfect color palette and unfortunately this one was not perfect for me, almost there but not quite

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