Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser Review

Skin-type: Combination and acne prone

Hello peeps,

I have acne-prone skin and that is the reason why acne keeps popping up all the time. I don’t have a lot of acne on my body but some pop up on the back area. And what could be better than an acne cleanser for the body? I saw this one and picked it up, used it for a while and now it is time for the review.

Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser

Price: Rs 650 for 210 ml
Product Description by Natio:
A natural solution for blemish prone areas on the body, this daily body cleanser purifies with Tamanu and Salicylic Acid to help clear impurities and prevent blemishes. For all skin types prone to breakouts.
This refreshing and lightly lathering gel cleanser clarifies skin and gently foams away acne-causing impurities on the body. Tamanu and Salicylic Acid help to clear pores and regenerate skin, while Horse Chestnut helps remove excess surface oil to leave skin feeling fresh, clean and clear.

Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser details

How to use:
Squeeze a small amount of body cleanser onto hand or sponge and lightly massage onto wet skin. Rinse off and enjoy fresh, clear skin.

My Experience with Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser:

Packaging: The body cleanser comes in a mint coloured packaging which looks very refreshing and soothing. The tube is an inverted one which looks great but usage is a bit inconvenient because the consistency of the cleanser is very runny, so the moment I open it, the gel starts to drip. The tube is a big one hence has a good quantity. The price is expensive because this did not do everything that it claimed. If it would have worked nicely, then it is okay to spend 650 bucks because the market does not have a lot of acne body cleansers.

Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser name

Consistency, smell and feel on the skin: The body cleanser is a clear gel which is super runny in consistency. The moment I open the inverted tube, it starts falling! I have to be very careful while opening it. It does not have any such over-powering scent. In-fact I couldn’t smell anything except for a little medicinal scent which would probably be the salicylic acid. It feels very gentle on the skin but a lot of quantity has to be poured at once because it does not lather a lot. I have seen that the entire range does not lather be it this body cleanser or the face cleanser. It feels very gentle like a baby wash, and if you have sensitive skin, then this might cause minor itching for a couple of seconds due to the salicylic acid presence.

Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser packaging

Results: The cleanser cleans my body well but the cleansing part is just like the usual cleansers/shower gels. My skin looked the same after taking bath, no freshness no brightness and it is okay because that was not the purpose. It did reduce the acne and its appearance. I could see a reduction in the size and the redness of the acne. It cleans all the oil from my body making it matte. But it does not prevent the future breakouts. I continued to get acne, so it will reduce the acne but won’t prevent it. So overall I would have liked it better if it would have prevented it.

Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser cap

Pros of Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser:

• A full range of “acne clear” available.
• Handy.
• Clear thin gel without any scent.
• It has great ingredients like salicylic acid, aloe vera, lemon and lavender.
• Cleans the body well.
• Reduces the appearance of acne (after prolonged use).
• Reduces the redness of the acne and keeps the skin oil-free.

Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser swatch

Cons of Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser:

• It does not prevent further break-outs.
• Does not lather properly.
• Inverted packaging with runny consistency.
• Very average results.
• Expensive (especially when it does not work ideally).

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser?
No! This product and in-fact the entire range a skip because these are very average products with tall claims!
Conclusion: Natio has been a mixed bag for me and I am yet to try more of their makeup, so that will be next.

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