Natio Ageless Extra Firming Moisture Treatment Review

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This is perhaps the longest time I have waited to review a product. I purchased this way back in July first week for my mom under the IMBB sponsored product scheme. I kept on delaying the review, as I was confused about the results. You either like a product or hate it. With this, it was different, it gave weird results at different time frames. Baffled? Read on to know Natio Ageless Extra Firming Moisture Treatment.


Price: Rs. 1190/-

Product description: A light, effective morning and night extra-moisture treatment with organic Rosehip, Sesame and Mallow to thoroughly hydrate and help skin look firmer and younger. Suitable for all skin types.


My Experience with Natio Ageless Extra Firming Moisture Treatment:


Packaging: This moisturizing treatment comes in a simple clean white bottle. The bottle isn’t big or bulky, has the details neatly mentioned on the body. The pump mechanism ensures product doesn’t oxidize or isn’t handled in an unhygienic way. The plastic cap isn’t very sturdy and cracked when my mom travelled with it once.


Before I proceed, let me describe my mom’s skin and her skin concerns. Her skin is perpetually dry, but not rough and sensitive. She takes regular care of her skin, but being on the wrong side of forty has a few fine lines around her eyes and temples. The main need for her is to nourish her skin, because that way her lines are diminished and do not increase.


Having heard good things about this Australian skin care brand, I decided to buy this product. I was super excited, as the price was higher than the regular drugstore creams and I expected it to perform.
The white cream has a smooth buttery consistency. The texture is soft and makes for a good massage cream. However the scent isn’t appealing and kind of reminds me of rotten almonds. Not the best fragrance for a cream to massage your facial skin with, right? However, I decided to ignore this and focus on the efficacy of this cream.


The first time my mom used this, she got some red rashes on her cheeks. Mind it, my mom doesn’t have sensitive skin at all (unlike me) and any product causing breakout is a rare occurrence. Nonetheless, I tried to find flaws in the other products in her skincare regimen and sadly found none. All the other products she was using were her long term companions. I still dismissed it as a onetime occurrence. One week later I convinced her to try the cream once more, and met with the same fate. Slight red bumps on the cheeks. My experiment was done for good.


I left for hostel and decided to try it in October when I came back. Surprisingly, this time when my mom tried it, there weren’t any rashes. Instead the cream got absorbed well, left a supple moisturized skin. The hydrated look lasted the whole day. I was happy. Just a few days later my mom again got rashes, though lesser than before. During this whole time, there was nothing extra my mom used on her skin. It was Aroma Magic Mineral Scrub, Aroma Magic Day cream, Lotus Sunscreen and a regular face wash. She keeps away from makeup products in general and uses just lipsticks.


This product really baffled me. I am yet to find how suddenly it performed well and why at other times it gave rashes. This product surely ended my experiments on my mother! I didn’t even dare to try it, since my crazily sensitive skin definitely wouldn’t react kindly to such things and would take a long time to recover from the after effects.

Pros of Natio Ageless Extra Firming Moisture Treatment:

• Hygienic bottle with pump dispenser.
• Buttery texture.

Cons of Natio Ageless Extra Firming Moisture Treatment:

• Unpleasant fragrance.
• Cap is not sturdy.
• Causes skin sensitivity.
• Lead to rashes.

IMBB Rating: 1.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Natio Ageless Extra Firming Moisture Treatment?
No! Invest in tried and tested treatments.

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