Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush Review

Skin-type: Combination and acne-prone

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Clarisonic facial brushes have always created a big buzz and we all want to own it, but they are very pricey. Hence reviewing this one was on top of my list since this is an essential tool that comes at a lower price as compared to the expensive facial cleansing brushes. So let’s begin with the review!

Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush

Price: 24.95 AUD/Rs 1275 on their website (Retails at Rs 3000 in India)
Product Description by Natio:
Natio’s Deep Cleansing Face Brush deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities. It helps refine, soften and smooth skin texture. Using the face brush prepares skin to effectively absorb moisturiser and treatments. The 2-speed face brush comes with two brush heads and two AA batteries included.

Tips: To avoid discolouring the brush head, remove makeup prior to using the face brush. After each use, thoroughly rinse the brush head with warm water and soap and air dry. Replace brush head every three months or when the bristles become worn.

Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush name

How to: Use the face brush 3-7 times a week with Natio milk or foaming cleansers. Do not use with facial exfoliants. Apply cleanser to damp face or directly to brush head. Press the on/off button and gently move the brush across the face in soft, circular movements. Without applying pressure, cleanse forehead for 20 seconds, the nose and chin area for 20 seconds and each cheek for 10 seconds.

My Experience with Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush:

Packaging: The Natio cleansing brush comes in an upward L shape with the brush head attached to it. The grip is very nice and comes very handy. It has 2 buttons; one for the power on and off and one for adjusting the speed. Also, it comes with one brush head attached and the other one for future use. The brush can be easily carried around during travelling. The bristles are made up of plastic, so they are a bit harsh for the skin especially for sensitive or acne-prone skin. It is extremely cheap in Australia but priced a little higher as compared to their currency. But on the other hand, this might be among the cheapest brush cleansers as compared to the high-end ones.

Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush meachanism

Feel on the skin: The brush is supposed to be very gentle but it is just a little harsh. It won’t hurt the skin and it won’t give rashes too. But it might prove to be a little harsh for sensitive skin. Also I doubt if it can be used for acne-prone skin with white cysts on their face since the bristles might prick the acne and spread it even more. For my skin, I think it works perfectly fine.

Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush size

Results: This surely works 100 times better than the fingers. It cleans my skin very well getting rid of all the impurities and excess oil. It cleanses base makeup too but that ruins the brush so I don’t use it that way. It unclogs the pores and with every-day use; I couldn’t notice a lot of whiteheads and clogged pores. It makes my skin instantly soft and smooth. The dry and flaky skin goes away thus revealing fresh and super smooth skin surface. It makes my face glow, refreshed and brightened. My skin looks extremely healthy and with every-day usage, the skin texture and complexion has improved a lot. This will do everything to cleanse your skin and keep it healthy. This is a great tool for the daily maintenance of the skin.

Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush head

Pros of Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush:

• A perfect dupe for the expensive electronic cleansing brushes.
• Handy with 2 heads which are detachable for washing the brush.
• Can be used every-day.
• Effective for cleansing the skin which removes oil, dirt and impurities.
• Smoothes my skin surface instantly.
• Removes dry and blotchy skin.
• Makes my skin glow and healthy-looking.
• Brightens up my face and makes skin feel bouncy.
• Easy to operate.
• Affordable as compared to other brands.
• Unclogs and cleans the pores.
• Great for daily maintenance of the skin.
• Softens the skin and makes it look radiant and glowing.
• Not tested on animals.

Cons of Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush:

• The bristles are not that gentle (but they won’t harm the skin).
• Pricing difference.
• The brushes get ruined easily if used for makeup cleansing.

IMBB Rating: 4.4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Natio Electrical Deep Cleansing Face Brush?
This will go a long way so I wouldn’t buy it but I surely recommend it if you are looking for a decent electronic facial cleansing brush.
Conclusion: If you don’t want to splurge 3000 bucks, then one cheaper alternative is Neutrogena Wave Sonic Cleanser; it works brilliant!

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  1. oh wow! Have been planning forever to get a facial cleansing brush.. saloni can u plz let me know where you have ordered this from?

    1. Hey these are available on all the portals.. just type the name into the search engine and you will get the places to buy from.. 🙂 Hope you like it 🙂

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