Natio Gentle Daily Shampoo Sulphate Free Review

Hello all,

This shampoo is part of my recent Natio haul. I was very keen to try out this shampoo as I do not like to experiment much with my hair products. Let’s find out how it fared for me 🙂


INR 720 for 300 ml.

Product Description:


My Experience with Natio Gentle Daily Shampoo Sulphate Free:

The words “sulphate free”, “gentle,” “suitable for all hair types” got me into buying this shampoo. I have very dry hair and some hair fall issue as well due to which the volume of my hair has reduced drastically over the past years. I don’t experiment much with shampoos and other hair products unless it’s 100% natural, like homemade hair packs and stuff. But these above-mentioned words on Natio Gentle Daily Shampoo sounded very safe and hence I went ahead and picked it up.


This shampoo comes in a nice little bottle which is white in colour with details in black. The packaging is very convenient and handy. It isn’t that bulky to travel with. It has a transparent flip cap which opens and closes very easily. I like the fuss-free packaging. The actual shampoo is a transparent gel which has a runny consistency. It isn’t too liquidy or watery. It has the consistency of a face wash that is gel based. It hardly has any fragrance to it, adding to the whole ‘gentle’ theme that the shampoo has.


I used it once without any oil in my hair and it worked pretty nicely. It was “4th day” hair and my scalp was just a bit oily and the rest of the hair was dry. This shampoo cleansed my scalp and added a very subtle shine to my tresses. But I noticed that after 2 days, my hair was much drier and there was something wrong with the texture. Usually, my hair behaves pretty well till 3 days post hair wash and on the 4th day, my scalp gets slightly oily. Until then, my hair feels nice and soft, but after using this shampoo, the texture was a bit odd on the 2nd and 3rd day.


Next time around, I used this shampoo when my hair had some oil in it. I had massaged some oil in my hair the previous night and used a little shampoo at first to rinse out the oil, but while washing, I felt this might not be able to remove all the oil, so I washed it again. When my hair was dry, I noticed that it did not remove all the oil and my hair was still oily and the texture was so bad! It felt sticky and rough. It did not cleanse my scalp at all and I had to use my regular shampoo.


This shampoo works great when you use either lots of quantity or use it when you don’t have any oil in your hair. I had some hopes from the shampoo, but it did not make me happy. Also, I noticed that my hair fall had increased while using this shampoo. This is very sad because it claimed to be gentle. Also, since it is sulphate free, it doesn’t lather much which makes you think it isn’t doing the job well and you end up using a lot of the product.


Pros of Natio Gentle Daily Shampoo Sulphate Free:

  • Nicely packed, easy and handy to use.
  • Sulphate free.
  • It can be used daily.
  • Provides a nice shine to your hair.
  • No fragrance.

Cons of Natio Gentle Daily Shampoo Sulphate Free:

  • Messed up with the texture of my hair.
  • Doesn’t remove all the oil from my hair.
  • You end up using a lot of the product.
  • Hair fall issue got aggravated while using this shampoo.
  • Dries out my hair.
  • Expensive.
  • It practically does nothing for my hair.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Natio Gentle Daily Shampoo Sulphate Free?
No, I would rather stick to my good old shampoo that works for me.

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