Natio Mineral Body Wash & Polish Review

Hi girls,

I shall be reviewing a body wash today. Actually my TBS strawberry body polish was about to finish, hence I decided to try something new and got this Natio Mineral Body Wash & Polish. Read on further to know more about this product.

Natio Mineral Body Wash



Natio Mineral Body Wash


Natio Mineral Body Wash


INR 596 for 210ml.

My Take on Natio Mineral Body Wash & Polish:

It comes in a white opaque plastic tube with the same coloured flip cap. The flap clicks shut with a sound. The cap can also be opened as a screw cap. The hole beneath dispenses the body wash with pressure, hence it is important to be careful while squeezing the tube. The tube is bulky and can not be carried while travelling. The flip cap might also give up as it is not very strong.

Natio Mineral Body Wash

It smells exactly like Polo Mint, I know weird comparison, but that’s how exactly it is; no wonder it contains peppermint oil. While bathing, there is no extraordinary fragrance which will soothe the senses. It smells more fresh and vibrant when you sniff it in the tube. I actually had very high expectations from the product as it was the first time I was using a body wash and polish together. However, it has turned out to be a mild cleanser, nothing more.

Natio Mineral Body Wash

It is a white coloured gel like body wash with small granules. The granules are too gentle to work as an exfoliator. I tried it both ways, once I used it on damp skin, but the granules dissolved as they came in contact with the little water. And second time I actually put it on my loofah, but still it didn’t work as an exfoliator. The body wash lathered moderately when used with a loofah, which could be because of the absence of SLS/SLES. It did make my skin soft and not slippery, but did not provide enough moisturisation or hydration. You can not skip applying the body butter/body cream post shower.

Natio Mineral Body Wash

Pros of Natio Mineral Body Wash & Polish:

  • A mild cleanser, which cleanses well.
  • Does not make the body slippery and is easy to wash.
  • The body wash does not contain any SLS/SLES.
  • Good ingredients list.

Cons of Natio Mineral Body Wash & Polish:

  • Over exaggeration. Does not exfoliate at all. The granules are too small to be working as exfoliators.
  • Infact, they dissolve quickly once they come in contact with water.
  • The packaging could be improved.
  • Lathers moderately. Some may not like it.

Would I repurchase/recommend Natio Mineral Body Wash & Polish?

I will not repurchase and would not recommend it as I could not find anything extra ordinary about this body wash. It fails to deliver what it is meant for. I mean I should have noticed some improvement in the texture of the skin or otherwise, considering it is a mineral body polish; but despite continuous usage, it doesn’t work on that front. TBS body washes and body polishes are much better.

IMBB Rating:

3 out of 5

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