Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud Review

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Skin Tone: Medium tanned

Hello, ladies!

I have always wanted to try a rosy eyeshadow palette and recently I picked this Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Rosebud. I have never tried any Natio makeup product before this, and so I was quite excited for it. Now, let’s get into the details of this palette.

Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud

Price: Rs. 1500/-
Product Description:
A versatile selection of 15 soft pinks, rich coppers and plum hues to create endless enchanting looks.Featuring a double-ended applicator for a professional finish, this rosy palette will naturally enhance any eye shape and hue.Effortlessly add a wash of long-lasting colour or build the rich, silky shades for smokey definition.
15 flattering nudes, copper tones deep mochas and dark graphite hues to create endless glamorous looks.
Rich, silky and highly blendable shades.
A double ended applicator for easy application and a professional finish.


Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud ingredients

My Experience with Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud:

Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud Closed lid

Packaging: The palette comes in a very normal black plastic box with clear lid. It looks very simple and is a lightweight palette which is easy to carry around. I expected a little better packaging as it is a pricey product. Also, it doesn’t have any mirror which is a disappointment. It has two dual-ended sponge applicators. I always prefer brushes, but this applicator works quite well to blend the eyeshadows.

Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud Close up

Shades: This palette contains 15 beautiful shades and all the shades are pink toned. These are all natural daily wear shades which complement all skin tones well and look very beautiful on eyes. There are 4 full matte shades, 7 light shiny shades and 4 heavy shimmery or glittery shades. I like the combination but I expected a full rosy pink shade. Now, if you have nude palette then you know that such palettes have almost similar kinds of shades. Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to describe the difference. Like that, this palette also has few similar shades with different undertones. I feel that they have less variety, but overall, I really like all these shades.

Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud view with applicators

Shade 1: First shade is a beautiful, full matte white shade for highlighting.
Shade 2: This is a gorgeous, shimmery light pink shade with silver glitters in it.
Shade 3: Next is a pretty peach base pink with micro shimmers.
Shade 4: This is a full matte, natural light rosy shade.
Shade 5: This is a beautiful, rosy pink shade with noticeable shimmers in it.
Shade 6: Next is a natural shiny beige shade for highlighting.
Shade 7: This is another full matte, natural brownish pink shade.
Shade 8: It is a gorgeous, shimmery warm peach shade with notable glitters in it.
Shade 9: This is another natural shiny earthy rosy shade with a hint of mauve tone.
Shade 10: This is a little darker rosy mauve shade than the previous one.
Shade 11: Next is again a fresh, full matte white shade and it is a little bright colour than the previous one.
Shade 12: It is a natural mauve shade with micro shimmers.
Shade 13: It’s a deeper version of the previous one. This is move over a brownish mauve colour.
Shade 14: Next is a beautiful, dark rosy copper shade with shimmers.
Shade 15: This last shade is the darkest one and it is a blackish plum colour with pink glitters in it.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation of these shades is good, and on the hand swatches, they only need one swipe for the nice colour pay off, but on the eyes, few of the shades need extra swipes, like those natural shades, don’t show up that much on my skin tone and I need to layer them up. But, other shades look so pretty on eyes. Also, those full shimmery shades are a little difficult to apply on eyes because of their texture.

Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud Side view

Texture and quality: Actually, this palette has 3 different textures. Matte shades have a smooth, soft texture that blends very well on the eyes and provides a natural smooth finish. Now, those normal micro shimmery shades are also very good in quality and they have a soft smooth texture that blends effortlessly on the eyes. They don’t feel chalky or powdery but those two heavy shimmery shades are a little powdery or chalky, and so they are a little difficult to apply on the eyes. Otherwise, rest of the shades works well and all these shades look very natural on the eyes.
Normal shades don’t fall that much but those heavy shimmery shades fall a lot during application, and it is quite difficult to dust those shimmers from the face. I have quite a medium opinion for this palette. Texture is fine but not so great, according to its price. But they don’t crease or settle into fine lines. Shades don’t transfer and never look messy, which is a plus point.

Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud Hand swatch

Staying power: Now, coming to the staying power, these shades stay for a long time on the eyes. Dark shades stay for around 7 hours nicely and natural shades also stay good. To avoid fallout, a primer helps a little and with a base primer, it works better. But, it takes a good makeup remover to remove eyeshadows from the eyes, and glitters are difficult to clean.

Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud Eye swatch

Overall, I love these shades which look very natural on the eyes. These are perfect for a day makeup, and also you can use dark shades for night makeup. I already did a makeup tutorial with this palette and it goes with any outfit.

Pros of Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud:

  • Pretty clear lid and light weight packaging
  • Have 15 shades in one palette
  • Beautiful shades with rosy pink tone
  • Have matte, shimmery and glittery shades
  • Good pigmentation that needs few swipes
  • Perfect to create natural look; for day and night makeup as well
  • Soft and smooth texture blends well and provides smooth finish
  • Most of the shades have good texture and quality and doesn’t feel chalky
  • Doesn’t crease or settle into fine lines
  • Lasts well on the eyes without any mess

Cons of Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud:

  • No mirror
  • Packaging is very basic according to its price
  • Few shades don’t show up properly on the eyes
  • Few shades look very similar on the eyes and less variety in shades
  • Heavy shimmery shades feel a little chalky and they fall off during application
  • Need good remover to remove shimmers

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Natio Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette Rosebud?
I would not prefer or need to repurchase any eyeshadow palette, but if you want something natural and daily usable rosy palette, it is quite ok. Still, it’s not the best rosy palette. I expect a dark rosy pink colour or more variety of shades.

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