Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream Review

By Sadhna Agarwal

Hey Guys,
I hope you all are enjoying the monsoon. Today I’m going to review a hand cream for you guys. I’m sure by now you are aware how dry my skin is which is why I’m obsessed with keeping myself moisturized. I hoard any type of moisturizers for my hands, feet, lips, body and this hand cream was one of the many I own. Let’s see how this cream fared for me.

Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

Product Description:

Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream


Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

Price: INR 625 for 90 g (I got it at a discounted price).

My Take on Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream:

Packaging: The cream comes in a squeezable tube which is silver and looks like it is made of foil. The lid on the other hand is pure plastic and the cream is dispensed through a nozzle. The tube comes housed in an outer white carton which is actually of no use since it only contains the name of the product; all the details are mentioned on the tube itself so you can throw the carton away.

Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

Texture, Smell: The cream that comes out from the nozzle is white and thick. I feel that it’s a little bit too thick for my liking because it needs a good massage in order to sink into the skin. I prefer a thinner consistency so that I can use it quickly on the go and in between lectures. The smell is actually the biggest con for me. I’ll use two words to describe the scent – Baby wipes! Yes, it smells of baby wipes, nothing close to orange or blossoms.

Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

The description on the tube says that it has the fresh scent of orange grove in the bloom which is nothing near to the truth. The cream smells okay from the tube but it is only when you start massaging it on your hands that it starts smelling of some wet wipes. For the sake of the review I kept this cream on for about 5 hours after which the smell started making me nauseous and I washed my hands with an anti-bacterial hand wash, but the scent refused to go even after the wash. It was only when I used a strong smelling hand sanitizer that I got rid of the smell.

Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream

Experience: My experience was pretty scarred because of the scent but I still tried this cream on for 3 days until I couldn’t take it anymore. The cream, despite of its thick consistency is not moisturizing enough for my dry skin. Initially after the application my hands feel soft but the hydration soon begins to wear off and the only thing remaining behind is the smell (oh how I wish it was the other way round). Also because it is a little bit thicker I found it somewhat sticky on the hands if not massaged well. I found that this cream keeps the hand soft for around 2-3 hours but the smell lingers on for a much longer time so the wear time is not that great either. Overall this was a total dud product for me and I’m thinking of passing it on to my cousin who wasn’t so aversive to the scent.

Let’s sum up the pros and cons..

Pros of Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream:

• Includes a lot of natural oils.

Cons of Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream:

• Not moisturizing enough for dry skin.
• Nauseating smell of wet tissues.
• Average staying power.
• Expensive if not bought on discounts.
• Misleading titles and product claims.

IMBB Rating: 2/5 (because I don’t like rating anything as low as 0 or 1)

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Natio Orange Blossom Hand Cream?
The answer is NO, never! Unless you can stand the smell of baby wipes and have soft hands I don’t think you should waste your money on this. There are better and cheaper products in the market.

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