Natio Spa Coconut and Shea Body Butter Review

I like hot and steamy…showers! What were you thinking? 😛 I like to stay well moisturised at all times. If my skin feels dry and dehydrated, it affects my mood too. Strange, but true! So this is the reason why I have more body butters, creams and lotions than clothes. Despite having two tubs of TBS body butters to finish, I decided to give this body butter a try since a) Natio is a new brand in India, b) There is no such thing as too many skin care products. 😛

Natio Spa Coconut and Shea Body Butter Review

Product Description:
Rich in certified organic plant nutrients, this luxurious butter absorbs quickly to quench dry skin, leaving it deeply nourished, soothed, soft and heavenly scented.

With certified organic Coconut, Shea Butter and Marshmallow to firm and deeply moisturise. Natural Coconut for a warm and soft scent.

For best results:
Apply liberally and massage into slightly damp skin after bath or shower.


INR 1130 for 250 ml

My Experience with Natio Spa Coconut and Shea Body Butter:

the closed product pot

This body butter comes in a big tub, which I like. This kind of tubs are bulky but look cute and are economical. The entire packaging is made of sturdy plastic; it won’t break if you accidentally drop it in the shower. Its tub is transparent while the screw on cap is grey. I like the theme here, which so simple and functional, but do not love it. I do not have any qualms with the packaging especially because it has all the information about the product over it.

open pot

I have a love-hate equation with the scent of this body butter. I am yet to decide how exactly I feel for this scent. There are times when I like it and then there are times when I layer this scent with a perfume. But since it’s winters and I am anyway covered in clothes, I do not really care much. To me, it smells like coconut but in a not-so-good way. To my sister, it smells sweet and luxurious.

It’s a “body butter” but the texture is not like the standard body butters we all have used. It is not as thick as TBS body butters. It is not greasy either. It is very light and gets absorbed within seconds into the skin. Initially I wasn’t expecting good results, since it is a body butter and still has thin consistency. But after some days, I realised that despite taking hot showers and the winters around, my skin was not asking for extra moisture by the end of the day. That’s when I started using it every single day and fell in love with it.

open used product

As suggested on Natio’s website, I use it everyday after shower on damp skin, and it keeps my skin well moisturised for more than 10 hours. I love that it is so non-greasy and it does not feel like I have applied something on my skin, not at least a butter. I think I am going to like it in summers too due to its perfect consistency. I don’t think it will induce sweat also.


Overall it’s a lovely body butter meant for all skin types and for all seasons. It does everything a body butter is supposed to, and it does everything it claims. It nourishes my skin, I see no signs of dryness or roughness. Plus, it has marshmallows too. I don’t know how marshmallows work for skin; I know how they work for my taste buds though. 😉

Pros of Natio Spa Coconut and Shea Body Butter:

• Packaging – sturdy and functional
• Very moisturising
• Non sticky
• Non greasy
• Easy to massage
• Gets absorbed easily
• Meant for all skin types and for all seasons

Cons of Natio Spa Coconut and Shea Body Butter:

• Price
• I am not a fan of this fragrance
• Not meant for extremely dry skin

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Natio Spa Coconut and Shea Body Butter?
I have used many body butters and this one is certainly not my favorite. I would repurchase it only if I get it at a discounted price.

Would I Recommend Natio Spa Coconut and Shea Body Butter?
If you are looking for a moisturising body butter for all seasons, definitely give this a try. 🙂

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