Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm Review

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Today I would be reviewing the second lip balm from Natio. Read on to know more about it.

Price/ Quantity : INR 295 for 4gms

Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm Open


Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm Ingredients

Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm Ingredients

Claims: Conditioning and deeply moisturising lip balms with a hint of sheer natural colour. Rich in nourishing natural emollients, the creamy Shea butter formula conditions and protects lips. Lightly tinted and packed with vitamin A and E to coat lips in cute, caring colour. Available in six sheer happy-go-lucky shades.

My Take On Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm:

The packaging is the usual translucent tube with the twist up bullet. The translucent concept is good because these tinted lip balms are available in 6 different colours so it will be easier to locate in the stash if one carries more than one of these. Also you can know how much is left inside the tube just by looking at it. The cap at the top clicks shut tight making these travel friendly.
The texture of this lip balm is buttery and it glides like a dream without any tugging or pulling. Owing to the creamy texture, it tends to bleed in extremely hot weather so you need to be careful if you are wearing it on a very hot day.

Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm Packaging

The shade name is Smile and my interpretation of the colour was a bright rosy pink shade but it tends to gravitate towards the maroon. One swipe gives the right hint of colour to the lips but if you try to build it up, it looks cakey. The lips look awesomely luscious and it provides the right amount of hydration. It did moisturize my lips but failed to heal the chappiness.

Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm Shade

The lip balm does not stay very long on my lips maybe 2 hours which could be because I don’t swipe it a multiple times. Though the colour is gone but the lips still feel soft. It is sheer hence won’t cover any lip pigmentation. The lip balm could be worn over or under a lipstick to provide moisture to the lips. This lip balm has a nutty fragrance which could be because of Shea butter. It doesn’t bother much neither does it linger for long. In 5 mins it is completely gone.

Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm Texture

The only and the biggest qualm I face with this lip balm is that this one also contains mineral oil. Though there are some wonderful ingredients present like Shea butter, jojoba oil and aloe which show their presence immaculately by keeping the lips well hydrated.
Summarizing the pros and cons,

Pros of Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm:

• The translucent twist up packaging which is hygienic as well as travel friendly.
• It glides on effortlessly. Has a buttery texture.
• Keeps lips moisturized and hydrated.
• Nutty buttery fragrance which does not linger for long post application
• The bullet and the colour can be easily seen from outside.

Cons of Natio Tinted Smile Lip Balm:

• Has mineral oil.
• Bleeds a bit in extremely hot weather.
• Multiple swipes tend to make it look un-natural and cakey.
• Though it keeps lips moisturized, but does not heal the chapped lips.
• Does not have any SPF content.

Will I Repurchase/ Do I Recommend Natio Smile Tinted Lip Balm?
No for both. There are other better options available at the same price sans the mineral oil.

IMBB Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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