Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream Review

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Does the hunt for concealer really stop? For me, it has never! I keep on looking out for concealers and never get completely satisfied with one. It is like finding a husband for an arranged marriage. LOL. The hunt goes on until you reach the perfect one! I picked up one more concealer from Natio because it claims to ‘Camouflage’; that was enough to pull me towards this. Let’s see whether this was the one or not!

Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream Review

Product Description:
This anti blemish treatment blends with your skin to camouflage redness and attack spots. Formulated for oily and combination skin types, this Natio Young Tinted Spot Cream also soothes unwanted breakouts to leave you feeling confident and blemish-free.

Enriched with turmeric to help tone and heal skin and orange oil to cleanse and refresh, this Natio Young Tinted Spot Cream works to conceal spots while caring for skin to leave you feeling blemish-free and confident.

Directions of Use:
Apply a small amount to the problem area and gently blend.

My Experience with Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream:

I didn’t know that Natio offers concealers too. The moment I saw this, I wanted it! I fell for the claim ‘Camouflage’ which was written boldly on the tube. The tube is a sleek, mini one which is super travel-friendly and wouldn’t occupy much space in your vanity either. It comes in a light green colour which has a base colour of grey. It is an inverted tube and when the packaging is inverted, you don’t have to struggle much with squeezing the product out. But with this, I faced that issue. I had to squeeze hard to get the product out. It is a new product, still I had to do so. The price is around 600 bucks and I think the quantity is a little less; the tube looks big, but I don’t think it is completely filled up.

Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream Review2

What I did not like about this is that it doesn’t offer any shade range. There is just one standard shade. When you see this, this looks like it would suit Indian skin tones, but when you apply it on the spots and dab a little, that’s when you can see the real shade on your skin. The tinted spot cream has a thick consistency and can be easily applied directly on the imperfections with the nozzle. The spot cream has to be blended. The moment I start to blend it, it starts getting lighter and whiter. I have fair skin, yet it looks very bright and white. I mean, it if it does not suit my skin-tone, how would it suit others? It did conceal the redness on my blemishes completely and it blended with my skin very well.

Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream Review1

The redness gets totally camouflaged, as it claims. But, I could clearly see white marks on my face where I had dabbed the cream. So if it tells, it gives a natural coverage, it does not because I could easily see the marks. And, I had to top it up with my loose powder, so this can definitely not be used alone. The bad part here is that when I roll on the loose powder, a little of the tinted spot cream gets removed with the brush. And, this lasts only for 2-3 hours and then I can see my marks again. It was a decent one, but rather I would prefer a good concealer that matches my skin tone completely over this.

Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream Review3

Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream Review4

Pros of Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream:

• Available in stores and on online portals too
• Nice, sleek tube that can be carried around easily and will occupy a little space in your vanity
• The tinted spot cream is thick, so it gives very nice coverage
• It totally hides the blemishes and the redness of my zits

Cons of Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream:

• Comes in just one shade which is very fair; not suitable for Indian skin tones
• It looks very white and you can easily spot the areas where the spot cream is applied
• It does not provide ‘a natural coverage’ as claimed because it has to be topped up with a loose powder to make it neutral
• Wears off within 2-3 hours and my blemishes appear again; a concealer would conceal better
• The quantity is very low

Would I Repurchase Natio Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream?
No, I wouldn’t. Although it provided an amazing coverage, I would pick up a concealer that exactly matches my skin tone and stays longer.

IMBB Rating:

Making this in one shade was a bad idea! Had Natio offered more shade options, this one would have been one of the best spot creams.

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  1. Oh no! That seems too light for everyone. I have never tried this brand, and thought this one would give me a reason too. 😛

    1. No this one would definitely not 🙁 i wish they had better shades to suit Indian skin tone … may be then this would have been a very good concealer 🙂 super light..

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