Natural Cure For Baldness And Hairfall

Natural Cure For Baldness And Hairfall

Hello Friends!!!
This is my first post to IMBB and yes I am very excited ☺. Thank you Rati for making me a part of IMBB.
Ufff!! Winters are here and so as many skin problems- dry skin, dry hair, patchy lips etc etc. I have been experiencing heavy hair fall and bald patches from last 6 months ☹ which obviously I do not like. I tried so many home remedies, expensive shampoos, serums etc. but I didn’t find much difference.

6 months back I visited to India when my aunty (who has the most beautiful hair in the world) noticed the thinning of my hair and thus she gave me her secret, which I am going to share with you lovely ladies, Yipeee!

But before I jump to the cure, let me tell you symptoms of baldness.

Symptoms of Baldness
• Loss of hair (check your pillow cover in the morning, check the floor when you sweep)
• Formation of bald spots in the crown area and hair line
• Thinning of hair

• Lack of Vitamin B6 and folic acids
• Stress and busy schedules
• Dirty and unclean scalp block the hair follicles and stops re-growth of hair
• Hereditary factors

What you need
natural cure baldness hairfall

Cinnamon/Dalchini Powder- 1tbsp
Honey/Shehad- 2tbsp
Olive Oil-3 tbsp

Mix all the above together and make a thick paste like in the picture below.
hair paste

Apply on bald patches, scalp and roots.
Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it out with shampoo followed by conditioner.

Use this remedy once a week for best results. It will help in improving hair fall and make your hair silky, smooth and strong.
Go ahead and try this ☺ I am sure you will see the results in 1 month. It has helped me very much and I hope you all also find this useful.

I will be back with another article till then STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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42 thoughts on “Natural Cure For Baldness And Hairfall

    1. Many thanks Himani. Yes you may use olive oil also, infact you can use any oil that u prefer- castor, coconut, sesame, mustard etc etc etc etc… 🙂 🙂

    2. yep its perfectly ok dear i guess.. their is only difference in their method of extraction, extra virgins are cold compressed i.e. a chemical free process eg. cold centrifugation while pure oilve oil may have tolerable impurities. but its totally safe for human consumption as well as beauty.. even dieticians recommend to use olive oil rather than extra virgin ones as their flavor usually break down at frying temp..
      I hope it helped u!!

  1. Am also scared of thinning since delivery.. 😛 thanx for this easy recipe.. 🙂 I hope i’ll get my voluminious hairs back again!!

  2. Very useful review. I had read it somewhere but was confused whether its cinnamon or clove powder. You cleared my doubt.Thx

    1. Supriya- Thanks dear. This is very effective. I did twice a week for 4 months and it has shown visible results. It depends on person to person. You will have to keep lots of patience.

  3. o wow….this is super easy. bt tell me somthing, wil this help in case of oily scalp too…as in oils dot suit me mch….

  4. Hi
    Recently i m also facing hairfall severely. i am using Methi pack for it but it is not
    very helpful. So from this weekend i will try your s recipe . i hope it will work!!!!!

  5. Pooja- This is very effective. I did twice a week for 4 months and it has shown visible results. It depends on person to person. You will have to keep lots of patience.

  6. HEY !! that sounds great !! But does it really works ? Please share ur experience too !!
    Im suffering from hair fall… On a scale of 10, my hairfall has already reached 8 !! Is it safe to use it ?? PLease do reply !!!

  7. Hie !!

    I started developing bald patch in the frontline of the scalp. Can I use this hair pack ? Will this be an effective way to restore the lost hair ?? Im so much worried abt the hair that ive lost 🙁 The bald patch is clearly visible 🙁 people started pointing me out. but, I’m helpless 🙁 It’s embarrassing 🙁 Can I use this pack more than once in a week ? Please do reply 🙂

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