Natural Hair Rinse For Strong Hair

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Today, I will share a very simple hair rinse DIY. This natural hair rinse should be used after you are done washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Here’s how you should make it 🙂

Natural Hair Rinse For Strong Hair

1. A few curry leaves
2. Water
3. Lemon juice.
4. Rose Water
5. Rosewood Essential oil (optional).

Natural Hair Rinse For Strong Hair ingredients

1. Take some curry leaves and place it in a vessel. Then, add water according to your hair length. One and half cup works best for my medium length hair.
2. Boil the water along with the curry leaves until the leaves turn slightly dark green in colour and the water gets some colour too.
3. Keep boiling it for 5 minutes. When you can smell the curry leaves, switch off the flame and keep the vessel aside.

Homemade rinse for strong hair

4. Let this water cool down completely at room temperature.
5. Squeeze out the curry leaves to get all the goodness out of it.
6. Then, to the water, add lemon juice, rose water and essential oils of your choice.
7. I added rosewood essential oil here.
8. Stir the mixture and it is ready to be used!

How To Use:
1. Use this after you would normally wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
2. Just pour the liquid all over your hair concentrating mostly on the scalp.
3. You can massage your scalp very gently after you have poured all the liquid on your hair.
4. Let it sit in the hair for 10 minutes.
5. Then, go ahead and air dry your hair as much as possible. You an even towel dry your hair, but avoid blow drying.
6. Use this hair rinse every time you wash your hair or for every other wash.

1. Do not make the liquid too concentrated, otherwise your hair might stink.
2. You can add peppermint, lavender or tea tree essential oils if you have dry scalp or have dandruff issues.
3. You can also use this as a normal hair refreshing spray.

1. Curry leaves are very good for overall hair health and it is also beneficial for the scalp.
2. It prevents from premature greying of hair.
3. It is also known for increasing hair growth and reducing hair fall.
4. Curry leaves will eliminate the damage caused by chemicals on your hair and scalp.
5. It will help refresh your hair shafts and scalp.
6. They are rich in many nutrients such as amino acids, anti-oxidants, proteins etc.
7. It will stop hair thinning.

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