8 Natural Ingredients To Get Spotless Skin

Korean skincare has made us believe that achieving baby soft, smooth, clear, blemish-free, poreless (well almost) is quite possible. Such skin type is categorized as “glass skin” because it looks radiant, luminous, and plump. The best thing is that Korean skincare is mostly about using natural ingredients to get spotless skin. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to slather your face in snail slime to get soft skin, below is a list of 8 natural ingredients to get spotless skin.

Natural Ingredients To Get Spotless Skin

1. Rosehip Oil: This nutrient-rich oil clears dark spots, hyperpigmentation, brightens skin, boosts collagen production and repairs skin damage.

2. Carrot Seed Oil: Full of antioxidants, it adds radiance, has anti-bacterial properties, and fights cellular damage. This oil also lightens dark spots and scars.

3. Aloe Vera: We do not need to mention how amazing aloe vera works on all skin types – it is soothing, hydrating, moisturizing, and can be used with other ingredients to make skin flawless. Check out two different ways to make aloe vera gel at home.

4. Fermented Rice: Products such as yeast, rice and wine are widely used in Korean skincare. Fermented rice water brightens complexion and softens texture as well.

5. Rice: This ingredient has been used since ancient times in Asian skincare. As a toner or as a scrub, rice has shown to be a highly effective brightening ingredient that can even out the skin tone. It can also reduce the size of pores and acts as an excellent acne treatment.

6. Green Tea: Drinking green tea might be great for your body, but it also provides anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties when applied over skin. You can even use green tea as cleansing water!

7. Milk: Milk has been known for its moisturizing effect. Raw milk is used often for its skin clearing and brightening properties.

8. Liquorice: It is known for skin lightening properties. It can remove tan naturally. Since it is also loaded with antioxidants, it will also protect your skin from reacting to free radicals. It will help fade away spots and blemishes with regular usage. Since it is cool in nature, it will help with irritation and inflammation on your skin. Here’s a recipe to make “Liquorice Face and Body pack for Radiant Skin.”

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