5 Natural Ingredients to Get Beautiful Skin Around The Eyes!

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This lovely monsoon calls for a warm cup of sweet corn soup. Today, I’ll tell you about five natural ingredients which work well on all under eye problems like dark circles, puffiness, fine lines etc. Many of the organic and natural under eye creams are formulated with these ingredients.

I had been getting appalled by the sight of the skin around my eyes when I started using these and believe me, I saw some great results with regular usage. So let’s see which ingredients you need to stock up to get beautiful skin around the eyes!

Let’s get started with our very own classic natural ingredient, cucumber…

Cucumber Slices

5 Natural Ingredients to Get Beautiful Skin Around The Eyes!1

Whenever I think of dark circles, I think of a lady with face pack on the face and cucumber slices around the eyes. You can either cut fresh slices of cucumber and leave them over your eyes for 20 minutes or soak cotton balls in cucumber juice and apply them to your eyes. Cucumber naturally moisturizes and hydrates the skin by comforting the vessels around the eyes and hence brings back its normal tinge. The substance beta–carotene in cucumber controls damage and promotes healing. Moreover, it provides a cooling relief from sunburn.

Green Tea Bags

5 Natural Ingredients to Get Beautiful Skin Around The Eyes!2

The caffeine in the green tea reduces the swelling and puffiness around eyes by shrinking the blood vessels. It contains Vitamin K which helps in battling against dark circles and puffy eyes. Just place the brewed tea bags over your eyes and leave them for around 15 to 20 minutes. Meanwhile, you can listen to some soft music and relax till the tannins in the tea work for your puffy eyes and dark circles.

Rose Water and Milk

5 Natural Ingredients to Get Beautiful Skin Around The Eyes!5

When it comes to beauty treatments, rose water works like magic! There are many benefits of rose water for beauty treatments. It works well in homemade face packs and especially when applied on the eyes. It helps in relaxing the eye and aids in lightening the dark circles. It also helps in smoothening and the skin around your eyes like more healthy. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which protects the eyes from inflammation and harmful ingredients in the makeup.

Whereas, milk acts as a natural soother for the eyes. For application, just soak two cotton balls in a mixture of rose water and milk and apply them over an eye each for around 10 to 15 minutes daily before going to bed. Let your eyes receive the goodness of rose water and milk and see visible results within 3 weeks.

Aloe Vera Gel

5 Natural Ingredients to Get Beautiful Skin Around The Eyes!

When I last got a facial done, I remember the lady used aloe Vera gel for massaging my eyes. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that help in fighting the free radicals which cause wrinkles around the eyes. It prevents dryness and keeps the skin moisturised. Just pick a healthy aloe vera stem from your home plant and grind the pulp. Dab it well around your eyes and wash after few minutes.

Olive Oil

5 Natural Ingredients to Get Beautiful Skin Around The Eyes!4

Olive oil is easily available in the grocery stores these days and is a great way to pamper the delicate skin around eyes. It nourishes the sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes and reduces fine lines very well. Also, it is rich in antioxidants which prevents skin aging and wrinkles around the eyes. Most importantly, it nourishes the skin deeply. When I have some spare time, I heat olive oil and dip in cotton pads and apply them over my eyes for about 20 minutes. It’s just a perfect way to pamper and relax your eyes on a cold rainy day.

So, that’s it! I personally prefer going for natural ingredients than those expensive under eye creams and products, which fail to live up to their claims and promises. So, if you too aren’t satisfied with your under eye creams and eye gels give one of these a go and see how well nature works for you!

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