5 Natural Remedies for Breast Enlargement

Fuller breasts are considered a sign of femininity and confidence. Some women with smaller breasts or flat chest seek methods to get larger breasts. Although, there are thousands of treatments and medications these options may not suit the pockets. If you are not willing to spend your money on any such treatments, then you can try natural methods for breast enlargement. Here is a list of easy remedies that you can consider for natural breast enlargement treatment:

Natural Remedies for Breast Enlargement11

Regular massage with natural oils

Almond oil in bottle on wooden background

There are lots of brands that offer different types of massage oils for breasts. Instead of investing money on them, you can rely on natural lubricants like almond oil or olive oil. Frequent massage with any of these oils will help the tissues near the breast area stretch, enhancing the blood circulation.

Remember that breast massage is little different than ordinary body massage. When you take oil in your palms, keep rubbing it for at least 2-3 minutes in order to generate heat. After that, place your hands on your breasts and start massaging in a circular direction. 100 clockwise and 100 anti-clockwise rubs are enough for a single massage. Repeat the procedure twice a day to get visible results in two months.

Fenugreek paste

Herbal medicine experts describe that fenugreek as a multi-purpose herb that offers so many benefits. Using it for breast massage will not only provide efficient results but also make them firm. You can roast some fenugreek seeds and grind them to make a fine powder. Now, add some water in it to make a paste and make sure that the quantity is enough for you. Massage your breasts with this paste, keep it for 8-10 minutes and then wash it off.

Apart from massaging with fenugreek paste, there are many other ways to use it for breast enlargement. You can also consider using fenugreek oil or fenugreek extract for massage. Besides this, you can try fenugreek sprouts in your meals to get the desired results faster.

Homemade smoothie


You are going to love this remedy for sure. If you are uncomfortable with oil massages or you don’t get enough time then there are delicious alternatives for you. You can make smoothies with fruits that can boost the muscle density around breasts and waist. Generally, unripe papaya, strawberries, flax seeds and yoghurt can be your go-to ingredients for a perfect smoothie. Apart from smoothies, you can also make some papaya milkshake to get the actual results.

Suitable diet

There are no specified diet charts that can help in boosting the growth of breasts. But, some selected foods are indeed helpful in stimulating the estrogen production in women’s body. Interestingly, your body also needs a significant amount of fat content in your diet to give the desired body shape.

Split beans, soy, red beans, garlic, eggplant, pumpkin, papaya, beets and apple are some foods that can save your bucks on breast enlargement treatments. Besides, you must also include radish in your diet as it activates the blood flow in the tissues around the breast area. Including these foods in diet plan is probably the easiest method of breast enlargement, although the process might take some time.

Specialized exercise

Young woman bench pressing with dumbbells in the gym, working triceps and chest

There are several exercises that you can include in your workout regimen to achieve a desired size and shape. These exercises cover push-ups, chair lifts, wall press and chest press. If you don’t indulge your body in any fitness regimen, then I would suggest you make a commencement soon. Sharing my own experience with the workout, I have noticed that regular exercise helps tissues get adjusted to the right muscles, reducing fat and giving a proper shape to the body.

I hope you will get great results after trying these natural methods for breast enlargement.

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