12 Natural Weight Loss Drinks To Boost Metabolism

Everyone talks about the importance of keeping the body hydrated at all times, particularly when trying to lose weight. Plain water aids fat loss in more ways than one – it helps to flush out toxins, kickstarts metabolism, and keeps hunger pangs in check. Since the human body is made up of 60% water (in fact, brain and heart have up to 73% water), we need to hydrate the body well enough so that all bodily functions run smoothly, from digestion to synthesis of various hormones and fat-burning enzymes in the body. For people exercising on a regular basis, adequate water is important for muscle function and repair, and also to boost the fat-burning process. For all the above reasons and more, experts suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water or 2 liters in a day. We all do understand the importance of water in order to sustain life, but are we drinking enough water? Most of us would confess that the real reason we do not meet up minimum amount of water intake is simply because we forget to fetch ourselves a glass of water. And in summers particularly, a majority of us find solace in chilled sweetened beverages and fizzy drinks with high sugar content and empty calories, but they can totally ruin your weight loss efforts. So, instead of these sweetened beverage, try these 12 natural weight loss drinks to boost metabolism and burn more calories in the process. However, make no mistake, these are no magic bullets that would melt away fat within a few hours or days, you can drop all excess extra kilos only by combining healthy eating habits with consistent exercise routine.

Natural Weight Loss Drinks To Boost Metabolism

1. Water: It’s the elixir of life – it’s the lifeline which sustains life! There’s hardly any dispute that drinking water throughout the day helps with weight loss as well, as explained in detail above. Since our body is not efficient at distinguishing hunger and thirst signals, we often reach out to food to replenish energy when in fact we might just be thirsty! Plain water affects fat loss in more ways than one – it helps to flush out toxins, has absolutely no calories, boosts metabolism, and keeps hunger pangs in check. Since we have all understood the importance of water in weight loss, it would also help a great deal to know the best times to drink water to speed up weight loss. In fact, here are “Best Times to Drink Water to Speed Up Weight Loss.”

2. Green Tea: The high antioxidant level, caffeine content, and catechins boost metabolism and speed up the weight loss process. What’s the best thing – green tea is easy to brew and two to three cups in a day is enough to do maximum benefit.

3. Sattu Sharbat: Sattu is one of the best sources of plant-based protein and in a sherbet form, it is refreshing, and along with buttermilk, is no less than a superfood and helps prevent sunstroke in summer. Also read: “15 Superfoods to include while Dieting to Lose Weight.”

4. Oolong Tea: It is rich in antioxidants, boosts metabolism, and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Pu-erh Tea: It’s a form of fermented Chinese tea with extremely high level of polyphenols, delays fat absorption, and has shown to reduce body mass index.

6. Ginger Tea:  With its thermogenic properties, ginger infused tea raises the body’s temperature and help burn more calories along with speeding up the metabolism.

7. Cumin Water: Along with antioxidants, cumin water (cumin seeds soaked overnight and then boiled in water the next day) aids in the digestion, boosts metabolism, and helps in losing weight.

8. Turmeric Tea: Turmeric has thermogenic properties, burns more calories, and also increases bile production which helps in better fat metabolism.

9. Ajwain Water: Soak ajwain seeds in a glass of water overnight and have it the next morning to boost metabolism, improve digestion, and also to lower cholesterol levels as well.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar: It targets body fat by boosting your body’s metabolism. Also, this beverage is well known for stabilising your blood sugar levels. ACV, has been found to boost metabolism, and help to lower BMI as well.

11. Coffee: The high caffeine content in coffee boosts metabolism and helps burn more calories.

12. Buttermilk: Instead of fizzy soft drinks, choose buttermilk in summers to quench your thirst. Rich in protein, minerals, and other nutrients, it aids in digestion, and is a perfect way to cool down the body during hot summery days.

If you are struggling to lose weight, what will eventually help you motor to your dream weight is by following a good diet, like the Rati Beauty diet, which helps you drop extra pounds as well as lose inches, all by encouraging you to eat the right kind of food.

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