Naturally Upper Canada Wild Mint Lime Hand and Body Lotion Review

Naturally Upper Canada Wild Mint Lime Hand and Body Lotion Review

Hello ladies,

Today, let me start this review with my story of lotion/cream obsession. I am such a big stalker of hand/body creams/lotions that I have 7-8 lotions, all used 3-4 times with me right now.  So, when I bought this one, I kept it on my bed table to use at night.  Mr. Husband saw this and asked me why I needed three hand lotions on my table. I thought of some satisfactory answer and said it is for my office desk. I carried it to the office next day and found two hand creams lying there in the cupboard.  Then, I thought I will keep it in my bag, but there was already a small lotion bottle in my bag. Finally, I decided to take it back home and kept it in my kitchen 😛 Now, Mr. husband cannot question me and I have a dedicated lotion in the kitchen. Okay, story over, let’s do the review now. I went to Faces outlet to check some lipsticks, but saw a whole lot of skin care range there. The enthusiastic SA explained me about their products and after getting totally confused, I picked two hand and body lotions from there.



Rs. 249 for 75 ml or 2.5fl oz.

Product Description:

Hand and Body Lotion 1

A proactive way to keep hands and body well moisturized. This fast absorbing Mini hand and Body Lotion is formulated to keep skin hydrated and nourished daily. Made with all natural ingredients.  Free of Parabens, SLS and Mineral Oil.


Ingredients Hand and Body Lotion 1

My Experience with Naturally Upper Canada Wild Mint Lime Hand and Body Lotion:

Upper Canada is a Canada-based brand which sells products mainly in Canada and USA. In India, their products are marketed and distributed by Faces Cosmetics.  They make natural skin care products which are free from harmful chemicals. They have some 4-5 variants of lotion and I liked the mint and lime smell more than the others. Consistency of this lotion is a bit thick, it feels more like a cream than lotion, but when applied on skin, it gets absorbed nicely without giving any greasy feeling like petroleum jellies. It has a fresh smell of mint and lime, which is not very strong and fades slowly.  Even though it has mint fragrance, it does not have tingling or cooling sensation, it’s just that it has the minty smell. It moisturizes my hands very well and the moisturization effect stays for 6-7 hours or till I wash hands again.

Hand and Body Lotion 2

This product is a natural-based product with no paraben, SLS, synthetic dye, and its mineral oil free. All this makes it an ideal choice for those who want to indulge in natural hand/body lotion. It works well for not just hands but for drier areas like elbow also. Its tube packaging makes it very travel friendly and hygienic. One can carry it in hand bag everywhere to say bye-bye to dryness. I am loving this lotion and planning to buy the bigger bottle when I go to the Faces counter again.

Hand and Body Lotion 4

Hand and Body Lotion 5

Pros of Naturally Upper Canada Wild Mint Lime Hand and Body Lotion:

  • Keeps skin moisturized for long.
  • Works on drier areas also.
  • Paraben, SLS, synthetic dye and  mineral oil free.
  • Non greasy, absorbs into the skin quickly.
  • Tube packaging is very travel friendly.
  • Smell of mint and lime is very fresh.
  • 3 years of shelf life.

Cons of Naturally Upper Canada Wild Mint Lime Hand and Body Lotion:

  • Available only at Faces Cosmetic outlets in India, and available online too ( not a con really, but for some it may be).
  • Fragrance does not linger for long.

Do I Recommend Naturally Upper Canada Wild Mint Lime Hand and Body Lotion?

Yes, I do recommend this to everyone looking for a good hand and body lotion made of natural ingredients, which is paraben, SLS, mineral oil free.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Naturally Upper Canada Wild Mint Lime Hand and Body Lotion?

Yes sure, a big bottle next time.

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  1. hahhahhah Sweta .. u hve explained the story of evry girls life very welll hahhahaha 🙂 .. lovely review .. and i’ll get this one .. sounds amazing :-).. best part is’s not scented chemicals :-).. does work 🙂 .. thnks fr sharing 🙂

  2. hi hi hi.. ur story truely relates to every gal.. 😛 now i also got idea of keeping hand creams in every nook & corner of room to answer my maddy (hubby.. :P) lol
    And this is for what i love IMBB, intros & reviews of all worldwide pdts never heard or seen!!

  3. Wow.. It’s a steal at the price! I loved your story Sweta.. it brought a smile that will linger all day as I can so relate to it.. we girls are so obsessed with such products na.. poor darling husbands they will never understand :evilgrin: he he he

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