Nature’s Co Travel Kit II – Lavender Body Lotion, Cinnamon Bath Salt & Lemon Ginger Soap

Nature’s Co Travel Kit II – Lavender Body Lotion, Cinnamon Bath Salt & Lemon Ginger Soap

For your convenience I have split the review into two and here is the second part. This part consists of review about the Lavender Body Lotion, Cinnamon Bath Salt and Lemon ginger soap along with the cute comb.

Nature's Co Kit

3.Lavender Body Lotion

Body Lotion
I am not a great fan of Lavender fragrance and in fact I would say I don’t like the smell much. This is a pale lavender color body lotion or rather I will say it is more in white color. The lotion is not very flowy but thick and creamy like a cream. This is a big no-no for me, as I’d prefer the body lotion like a liquid so that it helps me to apply quickly when I rush in the morning hours. After I apply I feel it is sticky for a while. This lotion is for dry and sensitive skin as written on the bottle.

Key Ingredients

Lavender Extract, Olive Oil, Kokum Butter and Vitamin-E.


  • The ingredients listed just attracts anyone to this body lotion. Completely natural and safe on the skin.
  • It moisturizes my skin well and thus does the job right.


  • The fragrance again, though it is mild I really don’t like it at all.
  • The texture is pretty thick for a body lotion and I have to find some time in the morning to apply and massage it over my skin for a while.
  • The lotion is sticky after applied. Sometimes it irritates me but glad that it doesn’t last long.

My Rating – :star: :star:

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4.Cinnamon Bath Salt

Bath Salt
This bath salt reminds me of cinnamon muffins when I smell it. It has pure cinnamon fragrance and when observed closely I feel like cinnamon muffin has been powdered and kept in the bottle. It is packed in a thin long tube and it claims to have anti bacterial properties that relieves pain, stiffness of muscles and joints and stimulates circulation.

Key Ingredients

Cinnamon extract, Cinnamon powder, Himalayan Pink Salt, Rock Salt.


  • The cinnamon fragrance is very mild and it is not all disturbing. Surprisingly this is one product that did not disappoint me in the fragrance part. Although I am not too happy with the fragrance I feel it is better when compared to the rest of the products in the kit.
  • I was really wondering how this fragrance would give a refreshing feeling but it does and it feels like I had a herbal bath.
  • The packaging is really cute and handy.


  • I mix this in running bath water and almost all the particles gets dissolved except a minute black mud like substance which sticks on to the body after the bath.
  • The glass tube is not very strong. I have carried it with me twice and already it has a crack in it.

My Rating – :star: :star::star:

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5.Lemon Ginger Soap

This is another product that has a bearable smell and at the same time smells more like herbal than fresh or citrusy. It does smell like lemon but not very refreshing. This is a small bar that lathers well and also comes a long way. It doesn’t get dissolved easily. When bought separately they pack it in a cloth and it looks really cute.

Key Ingredients

Lemon and Ginger extract.


  • The soap has a neat herbal smell that also has a tinge of lemon fragrance. The smell is mild and soothing.
  • The soap lathers well unlike the other products in the kit.
  • This soap will last long enough, as it does not get dissolved easily.
  • It is good on my skin and also it moisturizes my skin to an extent.
  • Does not leave my skin dry at all.


  • Again I expect a refreshing smell in soaps and this one did disappoint me on that part.

My Rating – :star: :star: + 0.5

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6. Travel Comb

Travel Comb

When I use this comb I get reminded of my granny’s comb, as this is completely made of wood. The teeth of the comb is neither too close nor far apart so I am comfortable using it both ways to detangle my hair after wash and also for normal use. Also, it is not very sharp and hence does not affect my scalp or hair. I really love this comb. Easy to carry around, small and compact as it fits well in my handbag.

My Rating – :star: :star::star::star:

Overall Pros

  • Completely natural products so no way it can harm our skin or hair. 100% safe and not tested on animals as well.
  • The price is worth for the kit and the components included in the kit. I think we can give the price for the ingredients and the care they show while creating these products for us.
  • Even the materials used for packaging are environment friendly.
  • Only natural preservatives are used in all their products.
  • All products are 100% vegetarian.
  • In spite of all the above points they claim their products are designed in such a way that they have a minimum shelf life of 18 months. I am absolutely impressed.
  • Interiors of the store is good and inviting and also they have a separate pedicure section which I would love to try 🙂

Overall Cons

  • Since no harsh chemicals are used we can expect much lathering in any of their products. So while using the products we get a feel it is not actually doing what it claims but we can see the effect after the usage only.
  • Availability: Still not available in many major cities in India. It is available only in Delhi, Mumbai and recently they opened a store in Chennai. Not sure about the other metros.
  • Fragrance: From all the above products I don’t feel the fragrance very attractive or pleasing. Smell is very mild and doesn’t last long. Even the products that claim to have lemon don’t smell very fresh. I really have to try their other products to conclude on this aspect.

Would I Repurchase?

Might be the comb and the conditioner only. As I don’t like the body lotion at all, shampoo causes hair fall, soaps are not for me, shower gel reminds me of some syrup and I would go for bath salts from Aquaspark range.

If you really want to pamper your skin with natural and completely harmless products then one can just blindly opt for these (See the ingredients). No chemicals to harm the skin and you completely Go Green!!!!!!


25 thoughts on “Nature’s Co Travel Kit II – Lavender Body Lotion, Cinnamon Bath Salt & Lemon Ginger Soap

  1. Good Review.I would rather use & spend on chemical products which give the desired results rather than using natural one which hardly makes a difference.

  2. I quite like Nature’s Co products but I guess there are more reasonable choices available in the similar category. Although I love going to their store. It has totally different feel as comapred to a lot of other stores.

    Loved the comb and bath salt. 🙂

    1. I agree with you Rati. We have more choices in the same category 🙂

      Conditioner, Comb and Bath salt was my fav too 🙂

      1. There are very few mud like particles and as soon as I found one on my skin I had to sit and look if there are any more sticking on me. I found 2-3 that is it but I’d prefer all d particles were soluble 🙁

  3. I was eagerly waiting for the bath salt review but I’m not excited abt it after reading your review.. Probably I’ll chk out the comb 🙂

    1. Priya you can try bath salts from their aquaspark range. I would try that next 🙂 If I like it I’ll let you know 🙂

  4. Hey, very concise and helpful review, really nice 🙂 i saw their store the other day on a visit to palladium, but couldnt stop by as was rushed, but really wanted to check out their products, so really glad to have come across the review.

  5. Was eagerly waiting for the lavender body lotion review but I’m disappointed now..Sticky lotions are a no-no with me 🙁

    On the bright side, I just bought two TBS body butters 😀

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