Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack Review

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I recently bought this blackhead patch from Nature Republic. Read on to know more about this patch!

Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack Review

Price: 1 USD for 1 Blackhead Clear Nose Pack
Product Description:
The blackhead clear nose pack softens the pores by removing sebum from pores with highly adsorptive charcoal substance and provides an excellent effect with its ingredients of Aloe vera extract
1. After washing your face, wet the areas around your nose with water, and take the transparent film from the nose pack.
2. Put it on your nose, and take it out after 10-15 minutes when it is dry.

Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack Review Ingredients

My Experience with Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack:

Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack Review Front

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Nose packs or patches are always fun and easy to use. In a matter of time, we get to remove our blackheads. We always get lured by this term. But, however great the patch might be, it cannot remove every single deeply buried blackhead. Usually, before using a blackhead patch, it is helpful for us and the patch if we find time to do steaming. Steaming enlarges the pores, and the comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) easily come away with that patch. I did not do steaming before this patch because I wanted to see the full effectiveness of this product alone. This blackhead clear nose pack comes in a small and thin matte cover. Once you open the outer cover, you get the actual blackhead nose pack.

Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack Review Back

The patch is attached to a transparent plastic film. You have to remove the pack from the film and place the adhesive side on your nose. It is important to wet the nose to make the patch stick well onto your nose before applying. The other (non-adherent) side is a mix of gray and white. You can guess the wetness of the patch from this side only.

Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack Review Patch Front

The patch has a bit of smell to it – a light minty odor. The smell of the patch is important because you are applying it directly onto your nose, and the inhalation of the smell is more as compared to applying it over other areas. But it is very mild and did not irritate my sense of smell.

I left it until dry, and once the other non-adherent side became white, I removed it. It pained a bit while removing. The pack had removed a lot of whiteheads, more than expected actually! But, coming to the blackheads, it did not remove that many. Some stubborn ones were still there, and just one pack was not sufficient to make them go away. The remaining residue was not much and I washed the area. My nose felt soft, and the sebum production was reduced. I usually have oiliness around that area. I was quite happy to see that result.

Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack Review Patch Back

Overall, I liked this product but it was not a miraculous product. Also, it just adds to the list of many blackhead patches out there. The removal of blackheads and whiteheads needs a bit of consistency from our side. And, just using these kinds of patches just once will not resolve the issue immediately.

Pros of Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack:

• Easy to use
• Removed almost all of my whiteheads in a single use
• Controlled the sebum on the area applied
• Made the skin on the nose soft to touch

Cons of Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack:

• Did not do much for blackheads with just one use. Might do so with continuous use, just like the many other patches out there.

IMBB Rating:
Will I Repurchase Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack?
There are many blackhead patches available and I can make them easily at home too. So, I might not repurchase it, and I would like to try other nose packs that are available.

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