The Nature’s Co. Berry Lip Balm Review

The Nature’s Co. Berry Lip Balm

By Archana Gnanamuthu

I never was able to stop hauling lip balms. Like all you beautiful ladies I too have a soft spot for cute packaging. This was one impulsive buy and it was love at first sight. This cutie with its beautiful pink color attracted me a lot. Read on to find whether it satisfied my expectations.

The Natues Co Berry Lip Balm


225 INR.

Shelf Life:

18 months.


Shea Butter : 2%
Mango Butter : 2%
Castor Oil : 5%
Vitamin E : 0.5%
Kokum Butter : 4%

What the product Claims:

Moisturizing; Softening; Soothing.

Soft, luscious moisturized lips are what our Berry Lip Balm provides. An all natural formula, it protects and softens lips. Apply directly to your lips as often as required.
2-The Natues Co Berry Lip Balm

What I Think about The Nature’s Co. Berry Lip Balm:

I was disappointed with the texture of this product. I literally have to scrape off the product from the tub. The smell can be quiet disturbing to the sensitive noses. The smell is very bubble gummy kind and it is not to my liking. But when it comes to moisturizing all the great ingredients do its job to the best. Even after the balm goes off from your lips the effect remains for a long time. I would suggest this to people who can’t reapply lip balms that frequently. Also, I would definitely suggest it to people who want cute products in their hand bag.

Although the tub packaging is cute, it is definitely not hygienic . The balm is not sticky and it is non-tinted thus making it ideal for applying before lipstick. It effectively cures chapped lips too. I apply this at night before going to bed and I wake up with soft happy moisturized lips.
Full ingredient list is not mentioned so I cannot comment on paraben or some other harmful chemicals in it. But the shelf life of almost 18 months definitely indicates something fishy and I suppose it is not 100% natural. I am happy in a way to buy a product from a brand that is 100% vegan and that does not test on animals.

3-The Natues Co Berry Lip Balm- Swatch
4-The Natues Co Berry Lip Balm - Swatch Blended


Pros of The Nature’s Co. Berry Lip Balm:

• Effectively moisturizes lips.
• Cute packaging. The transparent pack with a lovely pink color product is so appealing to the eyes.
• Heals chapped lips.
• No sticky feeling.
• Non-tinted and ideal for applying beneath lipstick.
• 100% Vegan.

Cons of The Nature’s Co. Berry Lip Balm:

• I have to scrape it off from the pot and feel it to be unhygienic.
• Smell might be a pro for some but it’s a con for me. So bubble gummy.
• No full ingredients mentioned.
• No SPF protection.

Final Verdict on The Nature’s Co. Berry Lip Balm:

Definitely not a must-have. Does a good job but not so great when compared to other normal lip balms. If you want to adorn your handbag with this cutie you can definitely go for it like I did.

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14 thoughts on “The Nature’s Co. Berry Lip Balm Review

  1. 🙂 Welcome to IMBB arcahna 🙂
    loved ur revu and pics and i agree this looks like an eye candy only! *oye balle*

  2. I loved the look of lip balm.. Such a cute pink colour.. *drool* i would have also picked it up like you did by looking at the packaging *haan ji* *happydance* *hifive*

    1. Yup it is hard…. I love the consistency of body shop wala lip balms and they come around the same price tag of this one.

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