The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine Review

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I love to use body washes regardless of the season. I can even use a refreshing one in winter and a moisturizing one in summer. The variant does not matter in my case and my mum thinks I am crazy about body washes. I am always eager to try out different ones. This time, I gave a therapeutic body wash a try. So, this review is on a jasmine body wash from the nature’s co. I bought it in the summer and couldn’t finish it. So, let’s get into the review to know the reason.

The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine Review

Price: INR 695 for 250 ml
Products Description:
Give your body a floral Bath treat with our exotic Jasmine Body wash. It’s soothing and Calming properties protect your skin from rashes and irritations, improve your skin tone and increase its elasticity giving you a healthier skin. The cleansing body wash lathers up in the bath or shower.

Jasmine Flower oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera extract.

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine:

The body wash comes in their signature rectangular transparent bottle with flip-top. The flip-top is detachable and if you accidentally drop the bottle in the shower, then it will definitely get detached. By the time you pick up the bottle, the body wash will spread all over the floor. In addition, if the bottle is kept tilted, it gets leaked. Overall, the packaging is not travel-friendly as it needs to be handled with care.

The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine Back

Texture and Fragrance:
The consistency of the body wash is on the runny side and has a smooth-gel like texture. The body wash has a yellowish tint and a nice jasmine aroma to it. I have a sensitive nose and the aroma is overpowering (and problematic) for me. While for my sister the aroma is nice and therapeutic. Thus, people with sensitive nose may not like it. But then, it’s completely one’s personal choice.

The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine Packaging

Coming to the usage, only a pea sized amount is enough to create lather. It lathers pretty well even if a small quantity is used. The body wash cleanses the skin properly and does not leave any residue behind.

The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine Claims

Post rinsing, it does not make the skin tacky or taut. But, at the same time, it is not that hydrating or moisturizing either. I have a combination skin type, and after the shower, I definitely need to moisturize my body. Thus, dry skinned ladies might not like this body wash for its moisturizing effects.

The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine Ingredients

The body wash makes the skin softer and smoother after the first wash only. In addition, I have noticed a certain glow as well while using it. The aroma of jasmine in the body wash is overpowering for me and I don’t find any such benefits from it. Well, my sister loves this body wash and feels the fragrance is refreshing and rejuvenating.

The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine Swatch

Post-shower, the fragrance lingers on for a few hours and that is the only time I like it. The effect of the fragrance is mild after the shower. I wasn’t able to finish up the body wash and my sister forgot to take it with her. So now the body wash is just waiting to get finished.

Pros of The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine:

• Foams up really well
• Cleanses the skin properly
• Does not leave any residue
• Does not make skin stretchy
• Imparts a glow to the skin
• Makes skin smoother
• Fragrance lingers on for a few hours

Cons of The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine:

• The fragrance is overpowering for my sensitive nose
• Clumsy packaging

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend The Nature’s Co Body Wash Jasmine?
If you do not have a sensitive nose or dry skin and like your body washes to be aromatic and therapeutic, then definitely go for this one. I would probably not repurchase it because I have a sensitive nose and the aroma is quite strong for my liking.

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