Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk Review

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I am finally back after a long while! I had to design a collection for my fashion show which was a totally different experience but the days were so very hectic! Now I am finally back to being the laziest person on earth. 😛 Today I am going to review a cleansing milk for you guys. Usually I have a soft corner for oil cleansers but it’s getting too sticky and oily during this season and I don’t want it to get messier. Hence I planned to try cleansing milk. 🙂  So let’s get started.

Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk

Price: Rs 95 for 200 ml

Product Description:
Nature’s deep cleansing milk contains the herbal ingredients that refreshes and cleanses the skin. It penetrates in the skin and gently removes the dirt, make-up and grime from the minute pores of the facial skin. Its formulation makes the skin cool and provides a soothing feel to it and removes the excessive sebum from the skin. It makes the facial skin healthy, smooth and glowing.

Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk

Apply suitable quantity of cleansing milk to your face and neck. Massage gently and remove with the help of a cotton ball.

My Experience With Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk:

Cleansing milk is a vital step in our beauty routine; and I was on a hunt to get something which would be suitable for both, my eyes and face. And I am glad I found one! This deep cleansing milk comes in a big curvy white bottle with a flip cap. It is very decent looking and very convenient to use as well. It isn’t that heavy so I would call it a travel-friendly one. It has many natural ingredients that are great for the skin like almond oil, honey, vitamin E, milk protein etc.

Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk

The cleansing milk is pure white in colour and the consistency is very thick, which I love. Most of the cleansing milks are watery but this one is super thick like Ponds cold cream. The thick consistency helps to layer it up evenly on the face and gives a nice massage to the facial skin, if desired. The cleansing milk has a very mild and a decent smell. It smells like any other cold cream which is definitely pleasant and soothing. This cleansing milk is very soothing to the skin and did not cause any irritation.

Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk

I usually keep it on my face for a minute and then wipe it off with a cotton ball. And it does wonders! It removes all my makeup very efficiently in just 1-2 swipes and leaves my face super clean. On the days when I don’t have makeup on, I do clean my face with this product as it removes all the impurities and dirt in just a minute. Not only did it suit my skin, it also suited my eyes. I usually remove my eye makeup with this and it comes off easily without causing any irritation to my eyes.

Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk

As claimed, it does leave my skin very clean and glowing like a fresh layer of my skin has been revealed. The one small con with this cleansing milk is that you cannot keep it on your face for long. Since it is super thick, it might make your skin oily. Hence everytime I use it I have to wash my face, but I don’t mind washing my face again and again. So full marks to this from my side!

Pros of Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk:

• Very affordable and a huge quantity has been provided.
• Contains almond oil, milk protein, honey extracts, vitamin E which are beneficial to the skin.
• Convenient and decent packaging, travel-friendly too.
• Thick and creamy consistency so it can be layered well on the skin.
• All the impurities are swiped away by the cotton pad in just one swipe.
• It removes all the makeup from my face with ease.
• It can be used for the eyes too as it did not sting when I removed my eye make-up with this.
• Skin is definitely left glowing and super clean.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk:

• Has to be rinsed after use because it is pretty thick.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Nature’s Essence Almond And Honey Deep Cleansing Milk?
Yes I will definitely get this one again because it left my face squeaky clean and free from impurities. It removed all the makeup with ease and left my face glowing as they claimed. Do try this if you prefer cleansing milk for removing makeup.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

I have totally replaced my oil makeup remover with this one, atleast for summers. This is one of the best cleansing milks I have come across because I can use it for both, my face and my eyes!

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    1. I know grace… exactly.. it worked very well and nothing to complain about.. and that too at such an affordable price 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Garima 🙂 me too .. they clean up the makeup residue so well and the face looks super clean

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