Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream Review

Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream Review

Hi Girls!

Today, I am going to review a product which I have been using since a few weeks. It is an under eye cream called “eye to eye – with potato and almond oil extracts.” I have recently started using eye creams on spotting slight dark circles under my eyes. I admit they were not that stark, but since my skin is otherwise problem free (touchwood!!), I didn’t like the thought of even a bit of dark circles. So browsing online, I came across this one and immediately placed an order.

Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream Review


Rs. 85 for 40 gm (I got it for Rs. 70)

Shelf Life:

36 months.

Product Description and Use:

Under Eye Cream 1


Potato extract, geranium oil, cedarwood oil and sesame oil (there is NO mention of almond oil here!!!)


Under eye cream 2

It comes in a tub which can be an issue for many.  I personally don’t find any problem with tubs as I always wash my hands before handling tubs. It is made of white plastic and on opening the screw cap, you will find another lid which secures the pack more.

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream:

Honestly, I was very much attracted by the mention of potato in the ingredients list. Potato is very effective in de-tanning and lightening dark circles. When I opened the lid, I saw a butter-like cream with a very pleasant fragrance!

Under eye cream 3

I have been regularly using this at night just before I go to bed and do not bother to wipe it off after 30 minutes as they mentioned. The area around my eyes has become smoother and the skin around my eye socket has lightened too. For those who have deeper dark circles, it might take some more time.

Under Eye Cream 5

I use my ring finger to apply the cream all over my eyelid and under eye. The best part is only a tiny amount is needed for each application. This tub is going to last me many days. The amount you see here is enough for both eyes.

Under eye cream 4

Here is how I apply the cream in dots. The second picture is my eye after blending the cream all over. My upper eyelid is also a shade darker than my skin tone. This cream is helping to lighten that too!

Under eye cream 6

Under Eye Cream 7

Overall, I am in love with this one!

Pros of Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream:

  • Inexpensive. For such an effective eye cream, the price is too good.
  • Easily available.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Not too greasy.  Eyes do not feel “heavy” after using this.
  • Effectively smoothens skin and treats dark circles.
  • One tub will last for almost a year.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream:

  • None that I can find!

IMBB Rating:

6/5 😀

Do I Recommend Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream?

Of course, everyone should try this at least once.

Will I Repurchase Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream?

Only after a year, I don’t think this will finish before that.

See you in my next review, ladies. Thanks for reading! Keep smiling 🙂

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39 thoughts on “Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream Review

    1. ya lakshmi, even i used that before. although i love lotus herbals products, but this one surprised me! such a wonderful product at an unbelievable price 🙂

  1. What a timely review! Thankee for this, Aparajita. 😀 My under-eye area looks like a zombie’s these days despite my regular 8 hours of sleep and 2 litres of water. Pretty desperate to try anything which works, especially since my trusted Badam Rogan doesn’t work on my eyes anymore. Maybe it’s like All Out – you know, after a while, mosquitoes develop immunity to it. Same with my eyes. 😛

    Will buy this one today itself.

    1. am sorry dear 🙁 i have never researched on acne creams that much. but one thing which really works is applying raw potato juice on the marks. one of my schoolmates had real bad acne marks and dabbing potato juice daily for a month really faded them away! its slow i know, but very effective 🙂

  2. oh wow,Nice review aparajitha and a promising product I am eyeing for this product for long time ,waiting for the review.yes as I have seen fro your OOTD’s I am lil jealousy on your flawless skin.following ur posts they are awesome.keep rockng

    1. gee, thanks a lot Lakshmi! am gald u like my posts. i will try to send more and more useful posts 🙂 thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Watever product u reviewd … i tried many of them … n they work superB especially home remedies…
    nw it tym to giv this eye cream a go…
    keep coming this type of pocket friendly reviews…
    muahh muahh muahh…

  4. wow.. really worth reading articles of ur aparajita n worth buying pdts as well .. 🙂 though am nt having under eye prblms thank god u had mercy n stopped giving me only greasy oily skin .. 😛
    still i’ll get it for normal use.. 🙂 thanx for ur review dear!!

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