Nature’s Essence Lip Rich Colored Moisturising Stick – Orange Review

Hello all!
You guys might know about my citrus addiction by now. That’s what made me purchase this lip balm along with the Lemon one. Let’s see how this one fared!

Nature’s Essence Lip Rich Colored Moisturising Stick – Orange Review

Price: INR 99

Product Description:

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Lip Rich Colored Moisturising Stick – Orange:

Packaging: This one comes in a cardboard pack with all the details printed at the backside. The packaging is white and orange coloured one, same as the actual lip balm’s packaging. The lip balm comes in a matte plastic packaging. There are little oranges printed in white which look super cute. I give full marks for the packaging. The lip balm looks like Elle 18 lipsticks with a transparent balmy core and coloured exterior. The lip balm is slanted, so is easy to apply. The cap closes with a nice click and doesn’t come undone; hence, it is safe to travel with.

lip balm

Colour: The lip balm is a bright orange coloured one, which gives a slight colour on the wrist but it comes off as a transparent lip balm on the lips. All it does is give a slight sheen to your lips. I wish it had provided a slight tint on the lips, but never mind.

balm with a hydrating core

Texture: I love the texture of this balm. It is thick and almost sticks to your lips. I love it because lip balms with thin consistency tend to get wiped off while eating/drinking/talking. Not this one though. This one won’t move if you’re doing all of the above. It stays on your lips for longer and survives up to one meal. Though a thick lip balm, it doesn’t feel heavy on your lips. It feels like you are wearing nothing! It moisturises my lips really well and hydrates them for little longer. So even if the lip balm has worn off, you don’t have to rush to apply another coat because it doesn’t dry out the lips.


Staying Power: Like I said, this lip balm tends to stick on the lips for a long time. I’m not saying it is sticky, but it doesn’t move that easily on the lips. It stays for 5-6 hours and it fades with meals and talking, but even the little product that’s left on your lips will make your lips feel moisturised enough.


Smell/Taste: It smells good and the fragrance doesn’t last any longer than 10 seconds after you apply it on your lips. It has no taste whatsoever.

Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Nature’s Essence Lip Rich Colored Moisturising Stick – Orange:

• Affordable; comes with spf 30.
• Good packaging.
• Thick texture, but feels very light.
• Good staying power.
• Moisturises the lips really well.
• Goes on super smooth.
• No taste.
• Nice fragrance.
• Doesn’t move that easily on the lips.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Lip Rich Colored Moisturising Stick – Orange:

• None.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I Recommend Nature’s Essence Lip Rich Colored Moisturising Stick – Orange?
This is the best lip balm I’ve found in a long time. I’ll definitely recommend it to you guys.

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