Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review

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I did not admire the idea of facials until now. I am extremely lazy to run down to the parlor to indulge in a facial, so I wondered maybe I should get a kit. Facial kits are a boon for lazy girls like me, trust me! I have used this twice now and I would like to share my experience through this review.

Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review

INR 225

Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review3

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit:

Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review2

The facial kit came in a bright orange box in which a plastic holder was housed. It had the tiny tubes sitting inside it. Apparently, one of the tubes had leaked and it had gotten messy. Apart from that, no qualms with the packaging as it is very handy and convenient to use.

Step 1: Almond Care Cleanser

Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review4

This is basically a cleanser, like any makeup remover. I really loved this a lot for how it cleansed more effectively than a face wash. It smells decent and has a runny texture. My skin felt lively and fresh post usage.

Step 2: Orange Scrub Pack

Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review6

I used this scrub on moist skin. I scrubbed it gently in circular motion all over face and neck for a minute and let it dry for another minute before rinsing it off. The scrub granules are not harsh or too soft. My skin felt smooth and soft after I used this. I did not feel any dryness on my skin, but dry-skinned beauties may have to be careful.

Step 3: Saffron Care Massage Cream

Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review5

After rinsing the scrub, I applied this generously with gentle massaging. It felt very good indeed. The texture is like that of a normal cream, but it tends to feel a bit oily. I moisturized my skin and made it supple and soft. I massaged it for a while before wiping it off with a moist cotton. I noticed a feeble glow to my face after this step.

Step 4: Apple Pack

Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review7

The pack has a thick and dry consistency. It applies unevenly so a generous quantity is needed. It gets used up more than the other tubes. The pack dries up quickly. Post usage, I noticed a glow and also my skin was smooth and soft.

Step 5: Coconut Care

Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review8

After I rinsed off the pack, I was all set to apply the coconut cream. This one has creamy consistency, but felt very oily on me. I used a tiny amount, and that was far sufficed to provide the moisturization. Dry skinned beauties are gonna love this! It claims to reduce skin tanning, but I did not notice any such change.

Nature's Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit Review1

Lastly, this claims to be ‘fruit’ facial, but except for the name, I did not even get a whiff of fruit. This worked well for me and this is good option when on-the-run. Though the effects may wear off in about 2 days, I find it economical and pretty much worth the price. 😀

Pros of Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit:

• Convenient packaging
• The almond cleanser cleanses more effectively than any face wash
• I could notice a glow in my skin
• My skin was left soft, smooth and supple
• The coconut cream provides good moisturization
• It did not give me any breakouts
• Affordable and economical

Cons of Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit:

• I felt the coconut cream was a bit too oily

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Facial Kit?
This is a very economical facial kit that worked well for my skin, so I’d recommend this to everyone. I will think about getting this again, after I am done with this. 🙂

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