Nature’s Essence Magic Pearl Facial Kit Mini Review



Skintype: Sensitive, combination-oily, acne-prone

Hi everyone,
Today, I am reviewing a Nature’s Essence pearl facial kit. Read on to know how it fared for me.

Nature’s Essence Magic Pearl Facial Kit Mini Review

Price: INR 225 for 52 g
Shelf Life: 2 years

Product Description:


My Experience with Nature’s Essence Magic Pearl Facial Kit Mini:

The facial kit comes in a bright orange coloured cardboard packaging. The contents of the packaging are packed in tiny orange coloured tubes. The facial kit comes with a four-step process. There are four tubes in this packaging. These tubes look totally alike at first sight, so it becomes quite difficult to locate them and hence you must check the title on it. The facial kit has a cleansing gel, scrub peel, skin whitening cream and a rehydrating glow pack. Let us discuss each of them step by step.


1. Magic Pearl Cleansing Gel

step 1
This is the first step. The cleansing gel has a mild flowery smell but it is not much appealing. The consistency of the face wash is thick and gel like, so there are lease chances of spilling of the product. It looks pearly white in colour and it has some pearl like extracts visible in it. The cleansing gel does not lather at all. And you will require a good amount to cleanse your skin properly. Hence, its non-lathering formula does not give me that squeaky-clean feel. Also, according to the instructions, you need to rub the product for 2-3 minutes but it dries up super quickly within minutes. But the results were surprising as my skin looked too bright and glowing after using this cleansing gel. It cleanses the skin well and removes all oil and dirt properly.

2. Magic Pearl Scrub Peel

step 2
This is the second step of the facial. You are required to exfoliate your skin well to move further. The scrub is pure milky white in colour. It has no significant smell. The consistency of this scrub is quite thick. It has very tiny white coloured exfoliating granules, which are good for people who like mild scrubbing. It is good for gentle exfoliation. It feels so gentle and good on my sensitive skin. The scrub exfoliates my skin well. My skin feels soft and glowing after using this scrub. But the formula of this scrub is also very drying like that of the cleansing gel. It vanishes within 2-3 minutes of scrubbing but at least 5 minutes of scrubbing is advised. It might dry out the skin and will not suit dry skinned beauties but it is perfect for combination to oily skin.

3. Magic Pearl Skin Whitening Cream

step 3
The cream is white in colour. It has some herbal kind of aroma, which is mild and non-bothering. The cream is soft and smooth. It has a thick consistency. The cream claims it to be a whitening one. It blends amazingly and sinks into the skin well. As a massage cream, it is advised to massage it for at least 10 minutes but it also gets absorbed within 2-3 minutes into the skin and vanishes completely. It does not work like a massage cream and quickly vanishes within minutes and my skin feels a little drying. Too much rubbing leads the cream to remove like eraser dust. It does not feel that I have massaged some cream on my skin. The cream gives a whitish cast to my face.

4. Magic Pearl Rehydrating Glow Pack

step 4
This pack also comes in a tiny squeeze tube. It has some very mild flowery fragrance. The face pack is light yellow in colour. The facemask spreads evenly on to the skin. Keeping the product for about 10-15 minutes is advisable. It dries up completely within this time frame. It washes off easily with plain water. Though it felt comfortable on my skin but I noticed a little tingling sensation while this pack was on my skin. The result was good. My skin looked fairer and brighter.

Overall, the facial kit is good for combination to oily skin types, but dry skinned beauties must stay away from this. It will surely make your skin super dry. I have combination skin and this facial kit even made my skin a little dry after using the pack. But after 5-10 minutes, my skin felt normal. There was no stretchiness. So it is a plus point for me, as it does not make my skin oily. The overall results of this facial kit are good. It makes my skin look fair and bright. But the results are not long lasting and the glow stays for 2-3 days. I have not faced any skin issues after using it. So it is a good, budget friendly and worth trying facial kit.

Pros of Nature’s Essence Magic Pearl Facial Kit Mini:

• Nice packaging.
• Mild fragrance.
• Consistency of all the products is good.
• Gives desired results.
• Good for combination to oily skin type.
• Makes skin fairer and glowing.
• Suits my sensitive skin.
• No skin issues faced yet.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Magic Pearl Facial Kit Mini:

• Results are not long lasting.
• Not for dry skin type.
• Cleanser does not lather at all.
• Scrub and cream dry up on your skin super quickly.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Recommend Nature’s Essence Magic Pearl Facial Kit Mini?
Yes, it gives good results and it is good for oily skinned beauties.

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