Nature’s Essence Mini Diamond Facial Kit Review

Nature’s Essence Mini Diamond Facial Kit

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I hope everyone is fine and enjoying hot cups of coffee and reading reviews on IMBB, he he that is what I am doing these days. It’s so cold here in Delhi that my bones are shivering. I don’t feel like going out, and as a result online shopping sites are reaping all the benefits. Today I am going to review Nature’s Essence Diamond Facial Kit which I bought few weeks ago. I don’t give many visits to parlours and I also don’t have major skin issues like pigmentation and acne etc. I believe more in DIY’s, earlier I was using Jovees Fruit Facial kit which was very good this time I wanted to try something new so I bought this one and I also wanted to experience the luxury of a diamond facial at home. Read on to know how it fared on me.


Product description:

Diamond facial gifts a natural tone enhancer and a whitening effect to the skin. It carries Zircon ash and lactic acid which gives a uniform complexion and a smooth texture with polishing application to the skin.



Shelf life:

3 years


1. Diamond face cleanser [oxygel] 12 grams
2. Diamond face scrub [oxymilktone] 12 grams
3. Diamond skin cream [oxyfair]12 grams
4. Diamond glow pack [oxypack]16 grams
5. Diamond polish cream [oxysun]12 grams



1. Diamond cleanser: vitamin E, sesame oil, diamond dust.
2. Diamond scrub: Orange oil, milk powder, walnut grains.
3. Diamond crème: Vitamin E extracts, wheat germ oil, diamond ash.
4. Diamond pack: Almond oil, honey wax, ZNO.
5. Diamond polish cream: Vitamin E extract, wheat germ oil, diamond dust.

My Take on the Nature’s Essence Mini Diamond Facial Kit

Well this kit has five mini tubes which come in white packaging and they are opaque. The tubes are small and three facials can be done with this mini kit but as I don’t do facials monthly this kit will last me longer. I do a facial once in two months. All the contents have similar flowery, sweet fragrance. The fragrance is stronger in the gel while it is bit light in other contents but it is pleasant. I do my facials at night when I am free and also I have read it somewhere that facials and bleach are best done at night to achieve maximum benefit. So coming to the product now I will explain each of them separately. The steps are mentioned on each tube so it is very convenient to use at home.

Step 1: Diamond face cleanser

This transparent gel blended with Vitamin E filled capsules and diamond dust provides deep cleansing and skin purifying properties.


Usage: Gently massage the gel on the wet face and neck for 1-2 minutes and clean with wet cotton.
The cleansing gel is transparent. I massaged it on my skin in upward motions. The gel is very gentle on skin and also very soothing. It feels cold on application and after massaging I wiped it off with cotton dipped in warm water. I used warm water as the weather is very cool. The gel worked well on cleansing my face and bringing out dust and impurities.

Step 2: Diamond scrub

An amazing blend of scrub powder and serum specially crafted for the mini kit is a combination of zircon ash, walnut grains, diamond dust to give you an exquisite exfoliating scrub which polishes and removes dead skin cells at the same time.

diamond facial

Usage: Apply on the face and gently rub for 3-5 minutes.
The scrub is white in colour and has the consistency of a cream. I don’t like scrubs which hurt and harm my face so I massaged it very gently on my skin but I increased the duration and in spite of 3-5 minutes I scrubbed my face for 10 minutes. After wiping off the scrub my skin felt smooth and clean and I was able to extract my blackheads easily. I also noticed a little shine on my face. Yes, the scrub did contain some very fine glitter particles. They are visible in the images too on my finger if you look closer.

Step 3: Diamond skin cream

It is an oil free cream rich in vitamin E, wheat germ oil, and diamond dust. It has strong skin polishing effect for giving smooth surface to the skin and improving complexion.
Usage: Take the required quantity of cream and massage 10-15 minutes till it is completely absorbed. Remove excess cream traces with wet cotton.


The cream is thick in consistency and it has pearly sheen to it. I massaged it for 15 minutes and after wiping it off I could see shine on my face which was obviously due to the fine glitter particles present in the cream too. The cream claims to improve the complexion and polishing the skin which I think will be visible after using it for some more time.

Step 4: Diamond glow pack:

Based on almond oil, honey wax, this pack lifts the skin, improves texture and offers a lasting shine on the skin surface.

Usage: Apply the pack, leaving the eye area and clean after 15 minutes.


The pack is thick in consistency and of white colour. It spreads easily on skin. After washing off my face I did notice a glow and shine on my face as the pack is also having fine shimmer particles which don’t go even after repeatedly washing with water. My skin felt clean, smooth and was glowing and I obviously loved the effect.

Step 5: Diamond polish cream

This special oil free cream is useful to cover the freshly treated skin and also protects the skin from harmful sun rays. It leaves shining effect on the epidermal layer.


Usage: Apply this cream on the cleansed skin and massaged till it is absorbed.
So after I was done with all the above steps I applied this cream finally. It spreads easily and leaves the skin shiny and soft. All the contents of the pack except the cleansing gel contains tiny shimmering particles and so does this cream.

When I woke up next morning my skin felt rejuvenated and smooth. I think this is a decent kit and very affordable to if you also want to have the feel of luxurious facials without spending a bomb.

Pros of Nature’s Essence Mini Diamond Facial Kit

1. It is very affordable despite being a diamond facial kit.
2. The packaging makes it travel friendly as it is not bulky.
3. The contents are enough to give three facials.
4. I got a face wash worth Rs.60 totally free.
5. It added glow to my skin and the effect of the facial lasted longer.
6. It is meant for all skin types.
7. The fragrance of all contents is pleasant too.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Mini Diamond Facial Kit:

No major cons for me that too at this price rather I doubt if it really contains diamond dust because all could see were minute glitter particles adding to the glow on my face.

IMBB rating:

4.8/5 because I doubt the presence of diamond dust. Other than that I loved everything about the kit.
Do I recommend Nature’s Essence Mini Diamond Facial Kit kit?

Absolutely YES it is worth giving a try at this price and with a free gift too and this is the benefit of a mini kit, we can try without spending a bomb.

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  1. Me too have tried many kits from Nature’s essence and worked really really well for me *happy dance* *happy dance* have many to finish then i will surely try this one *pompom*

  2. This is my favorite facial as it gives me the most bright skin ever *happydance*. I am using this for last two years. *preen*

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