Nature’s Essence Neemaya De-Pigmentation Cream Review

Nature’s Essence Neemaya De-Pigmentation Cream

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Today I’ll review for you Nature’s Essence Neemaya De-pigmentation Cream. I came across this cream while browsing an online shopping site and I ordered it immediately because mostly all the Nature’s Essence products I’ve used have treated my skin well. Read on to know how this particular cream fared me.


Nature's Essence Neemaya De-Pigmentation Cream


Rs.75 for 40g.

Product Description:

Neem and papaya enriched this special cream helps in removing blockage and reinstating natural colour production and reducing pigmentation. Pigmentation and patches happen due to sun exposure, pre/post pregnancy or menopause in women and sun, age in men, leading to blockage in normal pigment production, causing unevenness and patches. Neemaya restores lost colour and evenness.
Carica papaya 5.25%, Mentha sativa 3.00%, Azadirachta indica 4.50%, Cocus Nucifera 9.80%, Ricinus communis 2.00%, Curcuma longa 3.25%, Honey wax 7.60%, DM Water: QS.
Apply everyday on the face. For best results use twice everyday.

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My Experience with Nature’s Essence Neemaya De-Pigmentation Cream:

The cream comes in a small white jar with a screw on cap. Under the screw on cap, there lies a plastic flap, the function of which, perhaps, is to stop the cream from smearing on to the cap. As far as the packaging goes, it is pretty basic, as one would expect of a Nature’s Essence product.
The cream is a very strong cream colour bordering on to a very light yellow. The cream, thankfully, has a pleasant smell of Neem blossoms. I had not expected this. I had expected the very strong and bitter smell of Neem leaves and I was pleasantly surprised. And the smell lingers for quite some time after application. I like the smell so, it is not a problem for me, but some people may not like it.


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The consistency of the cream lies towards the thick-ish side, like that of a cold cream. The skin absorbs the cream beautifully leaving no trace of anything. However, if you happen to apply a-more –than-required-amount the skin will stop absorbing the cream, and there will be white bits all over your face. So, you cannot use a lot of the cream because the skin can absorb only so much. However, if you apply the cream in correct quantity, you will find that this cream is not all greasy or oily. In fact, it mattifies the skin. Oily skinned women will love the effect of this cream on their skin.
After two weeks of usage, I found that the cream controls oil for about three- four hours. It brightens skin and smoothens it. Also, my acne marks have faded a bit. But, I don’t think the de-pigmentation claims are true. The area around my lips is darker than the rest of my face and it is precisely for this portion of my face that I bought this cream, but I found that this area remains as dark as before I had started using this cream.
I do like this cream’s mattifying action on my face, but other than that there is no reason for me to continue using it.


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Pros of Nature’s Essence Neemaya De-Pigmentation Cream:

• Controls oil
• Makes skin smooth and bright.
• Pleasant smell.
• Affordable.

Cons of Natures Essence Neemaya De-Pigmentation Cream:

• The claims of de-pigmentation action are not true.
• If applied in a large quantity, the skin will not absorb it.

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    1. I know Megha! I’d love to get my hands on one such product that can actually live up to their de-pigmentation removal claims. *headbang*

  1. It doesn’t hold true on depigmentation claims. And moreover it gives break outs on face.. Nothing seems to change after 2 weeks of usage… Now switched this as my foot pack just to finish the bottle…

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