Nature’s Essence Oxytone Hair Nourishment Cream Pack Review

Nature’s Essence Oxytone Hair Nourishment Cream Pack Review

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Wish you all a Very Happy 2013.  Hope you have a great year ahead and we see more and intresting posts on IMBB. To come back to the review, Oxytone is a hair nourishing cream pack to cure dandruff and hair fall by Nature’s Essence. I love to pamper my hair with different packs and creams, so I thought I would give it a try. So, here is the review.

Nature’s Essence Oxytone Hair Nourishment Cream Pack Review

Product Description:

It helps to control both hair fall and dandruff. It also ensures deep conditioning effect and also helps delaying greying of hair and adds silky touches to tresses.


Henna, 9 essential herbs and oxyrich conditioner.

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Rs. 350 for 175 grams

How To Use:

Apply the cream pack from roots to end, covering the entire hair strands. Leave for 20-30 minutes, give hot compression and rinse well with lukewarm water.


My Experience with Nature’s Essence Oxytone Hair Nourishment Cream Pack:

My hair is of medium length.  I used 2 tbsp of hair pack into towel dried hair and left it for 30 minutes. I then steamed the hair for 10 minutes and washed it off. I loved the soft and silky textured look.  It is not a very great product, but it is a very affordable product for those of you who love spa treatment for your hair, but can’t spend much on high brands, you should try this.  Also, the pack claims to have herbal qualities.  There are so many hair fall and dandruff control shampoos that we buy and try, thus do not give this a miss as well, I was not disappointed.


Pros of Nature’s Essence Oxytone Hair Nourishment Cream Pack:

  • I used this pack two times in a month and I can see the result in dandruff control.
  • Decently priced as 175 grams can be used at least for 6 months (again that depends on the length of the hair).
  • It did make my hair soft, silky, shiny and manageable.
  • It also managed to control the frizz, though it didn’t claim it will.
  • It is not very thick and could be applied very easily.
  • It comes in tub packaging, which I personally like because it helps me use it effectively and doesn’t get wasted like in tubes.
  • Contains henna and other 9 herbs which prove it is an herbal product.
  • I love the smell, it smells very nice and that doesn’t go away even after3 days.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Oxytone Hair Nourishment Cream Pack:

  • I did not find any noticeable difference in hair fall.
  • One of the ingredients is Oxytone conditioner which “might” contain many chemicals, silicones and stuff.
  • It also says it avoids greying of hair; I don’t have grey hair as of now, so I can’t comment on it.
  • Not very easily available in shops, one has to buy online.

Do I Recommend Nature’s Essence Oxytone Hair Nourishment Cream Pack?

Yes! It is one of the nicest hair packs in this price range.  Go ahead and buy.

Will I Repurchase Nature’s Essence Oxytone Hair Nourishment Cream Pack?

Yes I will, even with some cons, I am happy with this product.

IMBB Rating:


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