Nature’s Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel Review

Nature’s Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel

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These days I am addicted to two things- One, comedy nights with Kapil, Ohhh I love Kapil’s smile and second one is of course IMBB. I check IMBB more than facebook and watsapp. It is bookmarked in the cell phone, office browser, and on my laptop- I never close it. So addicted haan!!! All blame goes to IMBB team, writers and their lovely articles 😉
Ok now let’s come to today’s review. Today I want to review one of the essential skincare products – Scrub, Nature’s essence platinum rose scrub gel. I have used Nature’s essence aloe Vera gel for such a long time and it always suited me ( I am wondering now why I left using it). So I thought let me give this product a try.
Read on further to know whether I liked it or not.

Nature’s Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel (4)


INR 125 for 40gm

Key Ingredients:

Walnut grains, carrot seed oil.

What the company says:

A gel based scrub which cleanses the dead skin and gives bright tone to the skin.
Gently scrub the gel evenly with finger tips and clean after 5 minutes

My take on Nature’s essence platinum rose scrub gel:

Before sharing my experience with this product, let me tell you my skin type so that you will be able to relate more. I have very oily skin which gets blackheads very often. I don’t like cream based scrubs so the moment I saw this “gel based scrub”, I grabbed it instantly. It has light brown colour and comes in a white jar packaging. I really do not like the products with jar packaging as they become very unhygienic to use. Instead I prefer the tube ones. Jar of scrub comes with an inner lid to prevent the scrub from gathering in the cap. The moment I opened this Jar, there was no scent. After smelling it too close I found out it has a very chemical-ish smell. There was no smell of “Rose” at all. I was highly disappointed. But I liked the exfoliating particles. They are perfect for my black-head prone skin. This is the only thing I liked about this scrub..After using this i could not see any glow, it did not anything much.

Nature’s Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel (3)

Positives of Nature’s Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel:

• Gel based

• Strong enough to clean black heads

• Affordable

• No acne or breakout after using this.

Nature’s Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel (2)

Negatives of Nature’s Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel:

• Doesn’t smell  like rose, instead has some sort of chemical smell.
• All ingredients not listed.
• Comes in a jar packaging which is not hygienic at all
• The inner lid is difficult to open and can break your nails (So beware)
• Does no wonder, no glow at all.

Will I repurchase Nature’s Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel?

No, I would rather stick to my Himalaya neem scrub. It has suited me pretty well.

Will I recommend Nature’s Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel?

No, I would say skip this one.

IMBB Rating:


Take care until next time..

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