Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream Review

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These days women tend to have a super hectic life and you never know when a fun plan may just pop up in front of you. You may want to wear your favourite mini or sleeveless dress, and then you will need to get rid of those unwanted hair first! One of the easiest ways of hair removal is depilatory creams which will not take a lot of your time and get the job done nicely. Here I am introducing you to a new one; let’s see how it worked!

Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream Review2

Product Description:
Hair Removal Cream with Diamond pearl, softening Olive Oil and drops of Almond Oil. Soft Touch Diamond Pearl hair removal is scientifically developed with antiseptic and soothing properties. It provides gentle and effective hair removal also has a cooling and toning aroma oil which gives smooth, soft and glowing skin surface.

Directions for Use:
Gently apply Soft touch Hair removal cream on the skin with spatula. Spread evenly for a thick layer on the skin, leave the cream on the skin for just 5 minutes & wipe it with spatula or cotton. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid using soap or pat dry.

INR 60

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream:

Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream Review

This hair removal cream comes in a box with the tube inside it. The box has all the instructions and the usage written very well on it. The cream comes in an inverted tube which is of palm size and comes along with a mini plastic spatula. It claims to contain some natural soothing ingredients like almond and olive oil. The cream is white in colour and has a nice thick consistency unlike some other depilatory creams.

Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream Review1

The thing that I liked about this one is that is it super thick which gets layered up evenly on the skin and thus covers all the unwanted hair perfectly. Some other creams are pretty runny or not as thick which is why I had to apply the cream twice on the same area for the hair to be removed completely. It nicely stays on the skin without creating any mess. I kept it for like 5-7 minutes and then removed it with a spatula in the opposite direction of the hair growth so that the hair is pulled out of the roots perfectly. And yes, all the hair were gone in just one go! This was better than the other depilatory creams I have used so far.

Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream Review3

There was just one issue with this one, the hair did not completely come out of their roots. I could see small black pointy hair whose tips which looked like ingrown hair. Hence my skin did not look very clean, but that is a minor thing, visible only when seen very closely. Apart from this, it did its job very well. My skin felt moisturised and I think the soothing ingredients did their job very well because I did not feel the need to apply any lotion later. My skin looked fresh and felt like the dark and dull skin was gone. Concluding, I would say that if you are into depilatory creams or would like to keep one for emergencies, this is the one to think about!

Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream Review4

Pros of Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream:

• Very cost effective and easily available
• A thick, creamy formula which gets spread evenly
• Removes all the hair within 5 – 10 minutes
• Has a mild, pleasant fragrance which lingers for a while on the skin
• Leaves the skin looking fresh and supple
• Does not itch or irritate my skin in any way
• An easy way to remove all the unwanted hair in a jiffy

Cons of Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream:

• The tube is pretty small; it won’t even cover one entire leg
• It does not pull out the hair from the roots
• Small, black, broken hair were left near the roots which made it look a bit untidy

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream?
Yes, if you are into hair removal creams and want a quick way to remove unwanted hair whenever you want to, try this one as it is better than other hair removal creams I have tried. Personally, I prefer instant wax strips over such creams.

IMBB Rating:

Hair removal creams are one the greatest ready- to-use options when you don’t have the time to get waxing done, but it could lead to skin darkening, so be careful. Epilator is a good at-home option to remove hair.

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7 thoughts on “Nature’s Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream Review

  1. I always prefer waxing or epilation but keep a depilatory cream handy for emergency purposes. You can never be too sure. 😀 So far, I have only used veet, this one also looks pretty good.

    1. Yes this worked like veet .. and did the job pretty well.. me too prefer the same things.. but these are always lying around lol

  2. Nature hair removal cream is too bad …my skin is too sensitive…i use nd i check in my hand on small area. I feel itiching ..nd my hand area is becoming red ….i return this cream ?i suggest you guys dnt use this cream…

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