The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser-Review

The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser Review

Hello beautiful ladies,

Winter is about to say good bye to us, but the effects of this season on our skin and hair will take a while to go. Winter brings problems for my scalp as dandruff, and using effective (read high on chemicals) anti-dandruff shampoos leave my hair dry. I otherwise also have curly/wavy dry hair, which makes me keep hunting for good shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. So last time when I was at the Nature’s Co shop my eyes caught this shampoo for dry hair. They had some offers  running so without thinking much I bought this shampoo and some more hair care and body care products (review for them will come soon).

The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser


INR 795 for 250ml

What the product claims:

Get lustrous, luxurious hair with Nori Shampoo. Derived from red algae it is deeply effective in revitalizing and enriching you hair. This shampoo has elastin and minerals that will restore your hair to its glossy, strong, nourished best. Apply a small amount and gently massage into the hair and scalp area. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary. For best results, follow with Nori Conditioner. Because it is natural and gentle, it may be used daily.

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My experience with The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser:

First when I saw Nori, I asked the SA what Nori is. He told me its seaweed, and I was like “what shampoo with seaweed!!”. I ate seaweed once with my Japanese friends and did not like the taste, but then this is a shampoo and nothing which I am supposed to eat so I pushed my thought aside and bought this one, as I had read about the goodness of seaweed for skin and hair. I was really excited about using this shampoo, and when I used it first time I was quite impressed.
I am using this shampoo from last 2-3 weeks, and occasionally my husband also used it (he has normal hair). This green colour shampoo looks like any other herbal shampoo and smells really fresh and aquatic. This is neither creamy nor watery, it has little runny consistency. When used on oiled hair, it removes oil efficiently. Yes, if you have applied a lot of hair (like oil massage in parlour) then you need to shampoo twice to remove oil completely. I have used it without oiling my hair too and it did not make my hair dry. It makes my hair smooth, soft and gives them good shine. Hair feel very light after using this. It also controls frizz to some extent my making hair moisturized. So it is doing a good job for my dry hair and satisfying some of the claims it made. It also worked well for my husband’s normal hair, did not made his hair sticky or oily. However, I am still not in the condition to comment on its claim of making hair strong and nourishing them. Though I do not expect so much from a shampoo, but as this one is made of natural products I am keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

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It comes in square transparent plastic container with a flip cap. These bottles are recyclable, and whenever you give 2 empty containers back to the company/shop, you get 5% or 10%( don’t remember very well) discount on your next purchase. This is something really attracted me. Hence, slowly I am developing fondness for this shampoo, I have bought the conditioner also from same range and they work well together (detailed review of conditioner coming super soon)

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Pros of The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser:

• Natural hair cleanser.
• Makes hair soft, moisturized, smooth.
• Cleans dirt, oil effectively.
• Reduces frizz to good extant.
• They claim that it is made using natural hill spring water.
• Recyclable packaging.
• Not tested on animals.

Cons of The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser:

• No full ingredients list given.
• Pricy.
• Available only in TNC shop or on very few online shopping sites.
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Do I recommend The Nature’s Co Nori Hair cleanser?

Yes I do, specially to people with dry hair.
IMBB Rating:

The Nature’s Co Nori Hair cleanser swatch
Will I be repurchasing The Nature’s Co Nori Hair Cleanser?

I think I will.

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