The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash Review

The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash

Hello pretty faces,
I have oily skin but with time/age it is changing, currently I combination skin, which is oily only at T zone. But while selecting skincare I am still more inclined to products meant for oily skin. So after finishing my previous face wash ( it is so hard at times to wait for some product to get over) I bought this peppermint face wash from the natures co. This is specially meant for oily skin but how it worked on my current combination skin, read on the find out.
The Nature’s Co Peppermint face wash

Price: 325Rs/- for 125ml.

What product Claims: Refreshing, reviving, fragrant Peppermint extracts act as a natural astringent to normalize skin oiliness. Our cooling, anti-bacterial Face Wash works as a mild yet effective cleansing agent that breaks down oily, pore-clogging residue without irritating or drying skin. Use everyday, morning and night.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera extract, Orange oil, Tea tree oil, Peppermint oil, Peppermint extract, Gel Base

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash

This one is gel based face wash and in colour it looks very similar to pears face wash. But as soon as you open the tube you get some strong peppermint smell. As it is gel based it one needs to work it up little bit longer to get good lather, however very small amount of product is required every time. When you work it on skin it gives nice cooling sensation, and you feel that astringent effect instantly. After washing the face there is no film/layer left behind all the pores are noticeably small and skin appears very smooth. It cleans the oil, dirt and makeup effectively.


Now comes the tricky part, as this is meant for oily skin, for my nose and T – zone area it feels wonderful but my cheeks feel little stretchy. It is not drying but I cannot skip moisturizer after it as my skin is combination to oily right now. For full oily skin this will work wonders. The astringent affect stays for some time, for 30 minutes or so pores stay small and invisible, after that it starts coming back to normal. It also give oil free skin and oil control stays for 2-3 hours (my nose is super oily, for moderate oily skin the effect can last longer too).

It comes in a transparent plastic tube packaging which is recyclable. Which is sturdy and there is no product wastage due to big opening or loose cap. But the tube is fat and small, and come in only one size. Nature’s Co products are all natural and made using hill spring water. It is a soap free face wash, so good choice for oily skin beauties looking for soap free cleanser. Must have for summers for its cooling effect.

Pros of The Nature’s Co Peppermint face wash:

• Cleans skin well leaving no residue behind.
• Gives cool refresh feel to skin.
• Fresh Peppermint smell.
• Minimizes the appearance of pores temporarily.
• Oil control for 2-3 hours.
• Sturdy packaging.
• 100% vegan, cruelty free.
• Recyclable packaging (one gets a discount of 5% when you return 2 empty containers of their product in their shop)

Cons of The Nature’s Co Peppermint face wash

• Costly for a face wash, for this prise I expect the effects ( astringent, oil control) to last long.
• People who don’t like peppermint and who like foamier face wash will not like this.

Do I recommend The Nature’s Co Peppermint face wash: Yes I do, especially to all oily skin beauties out there, very good for summers.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I be repurchasing The Nature’s Co Peppermint face wash:
It’s a good product but I like experimenting with face washes. Actually I have already bought a different one from TNC only. Will review that in coming weeks 🙂

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  1. Ive not tried this… sounds nice… right now in love with my current Kiehl’s cleanser 🙂 Though i’ve used their peppermint cleansing milk… somehow TNC is like a hit or miss for me!:-)

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