The Natures Co. White Tea Night Cream Review

The Natures Co White Tea Night Cream

Hello Ladies,

Night creams are an important part of our skin care routine and especially after 25, it is a good  practice to follow the CTM before going to bed, and night creams play very important role in it. I started using  night cream after my marriage, as the L’Oreal spa & salon where I took my bridal package also suggested some skin care and hair care things to me to follow after marriage. Based on my age and skin, they advised me to use L’Oreal pearl perfect night cream. I used it and loved the effect on my skin, and was loyal to that night cream for almost a year and half. Recently, I felt that it is time to change my night cream as I was bored of it and also I felt my skin’s need have changed. I was confused if it is the right time to use anti-aging night cream, and also did not want to get late and repent later. So I decided to go the natural way, I liked TNC products before so I visited them to get a perfect night cream for me. They had few options in night cream and out of them the white tea night cream sounded apt for my age and skin. Let’s see how it worked for me.

The Natures Co. White Tea Night Cream


795Rs/- 50 ml

What product claims:

While you rest, let our night cream do the work. White tea has anti-aging effect and anti- oxidant properties that boost the immune function of the skin cells. In addition, it replenishes and hydrates your skin

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Key Ingredients:

White tea extract, Coco butter, Olive oil, Vitamin-E,Almond oil.

My Experience with The Natures Co White Tea Night Cream:

Let me first tell you about my skin, I am 27 and I have combination to oily (T-zone) skin. I have visible pores near my nose, and I get 1-2 pimples once in few months, which sometimes leaves a mark behind which fades slowly. So my expectation from the night cream was to give me less visible pores, fade the marks faster and good hydration for my skin without making it oily or greasy. When I used this cream for the first time I couldn’t see much difference next morning, I gave it benefit of doubt as I used to use night cream before also and my 1 application is not enough to see a difference unless you have lots of problem or the product is super strong. I kept on using it every night on clean face before going to bed and after 4-5 days I saw visible glow on my skin which was not there before. I was happy, as this cream was hydrating my skin well and was not making it greasy and did not gave me any breakout either. After a week (10 days) I noticed some old marks fading away and my skin looked more even-toned. I am using the Nature’s Co white Tea night cream from more than 2 weeks and my skin likes it.

This cream is loaded with goodness of many natural ingredients; it is off-white (slight brownish) in color and has very thick consistency. But when applied on the skin it absorbs very quickly, leaving a matte effect, no oiliness or white-cast left. It has the refreshing+ herbal smell of tea. I don’t drink tea (drank last cup 13 years ago) so my nose is more sensitive to this smell, but my husband who drinks tea regularly feels it has a mild smell of tea and is not bothering at all. It comes in square plastic tub, with the brand’s signature asymmetric cap, which looks cool but is quite an odd shape to store.

The Natures Co. White Tea Night Cream

White tea has anti-aging & anti-oxidant properties which we all know are great for skin. Though I do not have any visible signs of aging to decide if the product works as an anti-aging product or not, still I believe in the goodness of natural ingredients it has and I think that I will do good for skin. This night cream is working on most of my requirements and makes my skin look luminous, dewy and supple. It is slowly working on my visible pores too as I feel they are less visible now.
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Pros of The Natures Co White Tea Night Cream:

• I find it quite effective for my needs from the night cream.
• It does not make my skin oily or greasy like many other night creams do.
• Makes my skin hydrated, luminous, and even toned.
• Works on fading slight pigmentation.
• White tea as anti aging properties, so ideal cream for people who want anti aging properties without using lots of chemicals.
• 100% vegan and natural ingredients used.
• Cruelty free, recyclable packaging.
• Perfect for combination to oily skin, as it does not make skin greasy.
• Small quantity is needed for every use.

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Cons of The Natures Co White Tea Night Cream:

• Will not be suitable for very dry skin, which needs bit of oily moisturization.
• The herbal tea fragrance can be bothersome for people who don’t drink/love tea. ( which is rare in India I feel. )

The Natures Co. White Tea Night Cream Swatch

Do I recommend The Natures Co White Tea Night Cream?

Yes, I do recommend this to everyone looking for a natural night cream with anti aging, anti oxidant properties without making their skin greasy. Apt for normal to oily skin. Very dry skin beauties; I feel it won’t moisturize you enough.

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Will I be repurchasing The Natures Co White Tea Night Cream?

Yes I think I will.


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23 thoughts on “The Natures Co. White Tea Night Cream Review

  1. Nice review Sweta..
    Well we r same is many aspects, 27 years, combination to oily skin, visible pores around the nose..
    So I’ll be now constantly following ur reviews.. 😛

      1. Reading your skin types..felt as if u r talking about my skin type..will definitely try this one…and see the result…

    1. Hey Shilpa,
      it is non greasy, and has white tea extacts which is good for skin, still i am not sure about it being suitable for acne prone skin….
      I will sugest you to visit the store and talk to the SA there, hope they will help as I felt the SA in TNC were well educated about their products 🙂

  2. I am looking for night creams & your post comes in right 😀 I’ll surely gonna try this one.. nice review Sweta 🙂

  3. Sweta i hvn’t treid NAtures Co. yet.. think thy r like FE … this one seems to be good tooo.. white tea is loaded with antioxidants.. glad that it works 🙂

    1. Thanks Nidhi… do try them sometime 🙂
      how ever last week for women’s day they had free fecial offer… I wanted to go but couldn’t make it 🙁

    1. hi Xuvious,

      I have used lip balms, lip butters and shampoo conditioner and body mist from them till date, and reviewed all of them here. other then the lip butter i liked everything…..
      yet to try any other skin care product from them but eyeing some masks and scrubs, will buy them next week (as that is my Bday week so i will get special discount ) 😀

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