Nawaal Eau de Parfum by Swiss Arabian Review

Nawaal Eau de Parfum by Swiss Arabian

Nawaal makes you sense the supreme joy of giving. This unisex, oriental spray perfume with a fresh citrus beginning and an enticing floral-fruity body blends into a soothing, woody, musky base. Its eye-catching bottle conveys sincere warmth, and its scent ensures delight. Nawaal – is the perfect gift to express the joy of giving and receiving.
Nawaal Eau de Parfum by Swiss Arabian

About Swiss Arabian:

While Arabia’s place in the history of perfumes is firmly entrenched and trade routes for fragrant goods are believed to have existed here as long as 4000 years ago, it was not until 1974 that the first modern perfume manufacturing facility in the Arabian Gulf was born. Swiss Arabian Perfumery was founded in 1974, in association with Givaudan Roure, a French based Swiss Company. Givaudan Roure is currently the world’s largest and most respected manufacturer of exclusive perfume raw materials.

Swiss Arabian, as the oldest perfumery house in the Arabian Gulf, has long been providing customers with a complete range of cosmetic and perfumery items such as perfume sprays, in various categories, quality perfume oils, cosmetics and body sprays. In 1999, Swiss Arabian Perfumery celebrated its 25th anniversary, thereby firmly entrenching its role in the development of perfumes in this region.

The Nawaal Eau De Parfum

Many of Swiss Arabian perfumes and perfume oils are alcohol free, but since there is no mention of it on this one, it might contain alcohol.
This fragrance is gorgeous! It is your typical “Arab” perfume. Now, there isn’t one single perfume termed as ‘Arab’ perfume, but generally all traditional Arabic perfumes have some common features. Many people cannot distinguish between various kinds of Arab perfumes. Nawaal is a slightly different type, as it is not very deep, yet has the beautiful goodness of wood and attar.

One great thing about Nawaal, is that it is unisex. This is another great point in its favour. So one bottle of this can actually take care of an entire family 😛 :secret2:

Even though the scent has citrus, floral and fruity notes, do not be fooled. This is not your typical lemony fresh scent. Nor is it your delicate floral scent. Nor a bubbly, fruity scent. This is a delightful mix of all these, wood, musk, and some other things I cannot even begin to describe!

The staying power is really impressive. It stays on for over 24 hours. However, it lowers in intensity after about 12 hours.
You hardly need any of it at a time. One spritz on the wrist is enough for the whole day!
Nawaal Eau de Parfum

This perfume is very strong. So I do not recommend using more than one spritz of this at a time. If you want to prolong its life even further, in the shower wash the wrist area with a mild and unscented product at the end of the day. For the next few hours, you will smell as if the smell is coming from ‘within’ you. No, I did make it sound really creepy 😛

What I meant was, that Nawaal blends with your body so well and kind of becomes a part of you. Yeah, that is less creepy 😀 Nawaal comes in a gorgeous fully golden bottle with a pretty tight cap. It only looks black in the pictures because of it reflecting stuff.

This can be used for work, but you are better off using it elsewhere, as people often have an aversion to strong fragrances. You do not want to trigger anyone’s allergies. Also, it is a matter of personal preference. If any of your co-workers dislike Arab perfume, they will be subjected to torture the whole day!


This product comes in wonderful packaging. It is not your regular plain old box. This is what makes it great for gifting, as the name suggests :haanji:
Take a look at the wonderful box it comes in:
gift wrap

It is a pretty red box (although here it looks more of a deep pink), with a snake-skin patterned golden middle.
Inside is a black protector:


And there is a pretty leaflet enclosed, with a flip out of all the perfumes and perfume oils that Swiss Arabian makes.

This is the opened leaflet. The fourth one is Nawaal 🙂

Do smell Nawaal Eau de Parfum before buying. I cannot stress this enough. Do smell this before buying!!! This is sort of an ‘acquired’ smell. You either love it or hate it. I love this and so does my dad, whereas my sister cannot stand one molecule of it. This probably makes it hard to order online, but if you generally like Arab perfumes, you can safely bet you’ll like this too.

This beautiful scent reminds me of all things good – attar, oudh, harees, falafel, kabsa, jubna manakish, dishdasha, abayas and all sorts of other glorious things! I am probably (make that hugely and definitely 😛 ) biased, but this is an incredibly wonderful scent. If you ever get a chance to pick this one up, sniff at the testers and get this. You’re sure to treasure it!

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12 thoughts on “Nawaal Eau de Parfum by Swiss Arabian Review

  1. Such a nice detailed review Samantha!! :clap: The packaging looks absolutely gorgouessssss :woot: and I loveeeeeeee strong perfumes!! 😀 😀 😀

    1. I love strong perfume so much! They rock!!!
      Thank you Kimi 🙂
      Must we call you Kimi now? I loved calico aster! 🙂 🙂 :((

  2. Omg Samantha the bottle looks so badass! It reminds me of body piercings, for some reason. :toothygrin: This sounds so good and rich. I’ve never tried and Arab perfume and would very much like to! Great review. :))

    1. Haha Ida 🙂 That’s exactly what I felt when I saw how the pics had come out. In reality, the bottle is all sweet and ‘friendly’ looking. :toothygrin:
      I guess it’s the black reflection that makes it look all badass :haanji:
      Arab perfume according to me, is one of the best smells in the world ever. It’s right up there with tonka bean, mom’s wheat bran cookies, rose (not the actual flowers, just rose perfume oils), guitars and new books 🙂

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