Why Do You Need Clarifying Shampoos?

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Today, we shall spare a few words on the necessity of using clarifying shampoos. We live in an age of increasing pollution and if you are from an urban area or city locality, there’s no need to tell you that your scalp and roots become the dumping ground for air-borne pollutants. Again, it is a well-known fact that since most of us use a lot of different types of hairstyling products on our head and hair, they are all bound to clog up hair follicles leading to hair damage and severe hair fall. It would be a good practice to use clarifying shampoos at regular intervals to clean out the scalp and keep hair healthy and shiny. So let us try to enlist what are the different ways clarifying shampoos benefit us.

Why Do You Need Clarifying Shampoos

  • To clear out build-up from conditioners, styling products and varied treatments and detoxify your scalp: It is highly advisable to clear out build-up on the scalp as an inevitable result of using conditioners, styling products and other chemical treatments. To continue product build-up is detrimental to our hair’s health. So, it is best to use clarifying shampoos to remove such chemical build-up and keep hair and scalp clean and healthy.
  • To add volume to your hair: It has also been observed that those who have the good habit of using clarifying shampoo at regular intervals possess and flaunt greater volumes of healthy and vibrant hair. So, it comes doubly recommended to all who wish to possess voluminous hair to use clarifying shampoo at regular intervals to clean your hair.
  • For treating super fine, oily, straight hair: Un-styled or untreated hair sometimes becomes frizzy due to high pollution level and act as a sort of pollution retaining net. For all those of you who have such hair, it is highly recommended and comes well advised to use clarifying shampoos to keep your hair clean and save it from damages and harmful effects of air pollution.
  • To prepare your hair before coloring: It is a very good practice to clean your head with a clarifying shampoo before you plan to color your hair. And for two obvious reasons, firstly because the build-up from the usage of products, previously; secondly, it would ensure that the new color settles in properly. So do use a clarifying shampoo before you colour your hair.
  • To remove hard water and chlorine deposits: If you are in the habit of swimming in pools, then you are susceptible to developing chlorine build-up and deposits of hard water on your head. This is quite detrimental to your hair’s health. So using clarifying shampoo is a must.
  • To make it easy for you to style your hair: If you are into styling your hair, it is always recommended to clean your hair before you style it. And the reason is pretty obvious. Styling your hair before cleaning out any previous product build-up or chlorine or hard water deposits is not only detrimental to your hair but also messes up with your plans to style your hair properly. So it comes highly recommended that you use a clarifying shampoo to clean your hair off any unwanted substances before you embark on styling it.

Hence, from all that has been discussed so far, it is rather obvious that it is good practice to use a clarifying shampoo at regular intervals to keep your hair clean and to maintain good hair health, and to prevent hair fall. And the pros of using a clarifying shampoo far outweigh the cons of the hassle of using it. Ergo, it is most advisable and highly recommended that you build a habit of cleaning your hair with periodic use of clarifying shampoos for your own benefit. So dear readers, tell us what you think of today’s article in the comments section below. Keep pretty and healthy.


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