Neetu Kapoor Takes a Dig at Katrina Kaif

Neetu Kapoor is receiving a lot of flak from Katrina Kaif’s fans after she shared a cryptic message on her instagram.

Neetu Kapoor Takes a Dig at Katrina Kaif

The message read “Just because he dated you for 7 years, it doesn’t mean he will marry you. My uncle studied medicine for 6 years, now he is a DJ.” Katrina Kaif jumped to troll Neetu Kapoor for taking a dig on Katrina because her son Ranbir had dated her for 7 years. It is rumored that Neetu Kapoor was the reason behind Katrina and Ranbir breaking up. It’s quite interesting that Katrina had also admitted that she was not close to Ranbir’s family while they were dating. Neetu Kapoor had even cropped Katrina out of the family photo.

In the same way, Neetu Kapoor also did not approve of Deepika Padukone as Ranbir’s girlfriend. But Alia Bhatt gets all the love from Kapoor family though.

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