How to Make Your Own Neon Jewelry- Do-It-Yourself

How to Make Your Own Neon Jewelry: Do-It-Yourself

Hi Ladies,

Though summers have passed, yet the craze for brightness still remains. This season, we did see a huge love for neon colors. These style statement did make a bold comeback in the fashion industry with neon colored dresses, skirts, shoes, peep toes, nail paints, bags, accessories, etc, etc. Designers have been much influenced by this fashion trend of the past and we have seen quite a lot of use of the neon colors at the ramp as well. Here are some pictures to check just for fun. But the main part is yet to begin.

NEON JEWELRY do it yourself

Even in the dull, cold winters, neon colored accessories will be the best option to spunk up the look of the season. However, a small tip would be to choose an outfit of a neutral shade to make your jewelry stand out. You need not even spend a fortune to get some for your collection. These accessories are fairly priced so that it is easy on everyone’s pocket. Well if you want to spend a fortune on this jewelry, you have options for that too. You can select pieces, studded with precious turquoise stones and other high-end jewelry from any posh jewelry outlet.

You can also make your very own customized neon jewelry. It is simple as well as a good option for all those who want to save on money. You can indulge in some self-made bright colored jewelry.
Steps to make your very own customized Neon jewelry:

The process is quiet easy and exciting as well. All you need is:

• A pair of old earrings, neckpieces, Hair pins, clips, cuffs, or any piece of outdated jewelry that has been lying unused in your closet. Avoid using any expensive jewelry.

• I have selected some old boring earrings as I don’t own much unused jewelry for experimentation.


neon jewelry diy 3
• Neon colored nail paints in various shades. I took three different colors. You can have your own choices.
neon jewelry diy 4

• Newspaper or cloth to avoid making your work place messy, and at the end of the day your mom screaming at you!

That’s it! You are all set to begin your project.

  • To begin with, first, arrange some newspaper to avoid getting the place messy with nail paints.
  • Select the colors that you think will go well with your outfit.
  • Start off with carefully painting the piece of ornament.
  • Begin with a single layer of color. Let it dry out for few seconds and then paint the second layer.

neon jewlery diy 5

neone jewelry diy 6

  • Continue the process, until you get the desired result.
  • Let it stand overnight to avoid smudging or you can switch on the fan for faster drying.

neon jewlery diy 8

neon jewelry do it yourself

The other option would be to make out your own neckpieces, bracelets or anklets with florescent beads and threads. Options are many, all you need to do is let your imagination go wild. I hope this small tip proves helpful to you.
Please give your feedback. Keep Smiling.

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  1. nice one 🙂 i do this all the time… i customize all my bangles and earrings to go with each outfit just by painting them with fabric paint or simple nail paints 🙂

  2. wat a colorful and innovative post ishani 🙂
    and ur new dp is very nice
    I enjoyed uploading this posr, very this season and festivity 😛

  3. vow Ishani.. really super idea… i love hw that earing turned turqoise and looks so fab.. i wil def give it a try 😉 Thanks fr the post 🙂

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