Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water Review

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water Review

Hey girls,

We always tend to use makeup cleansing milks, remover wipes, gel makeup up removers or cleansing balms. Ever thought of using cleansing oils? Here’s a review on a deep clean makeup cleansing oil. 🙂

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water

Product Details:

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water


RM 39.90

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water

My Take on Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water:

It is truly oil-free like it states. When I use it on my face, it doesn’t feel oily, but it practically feels like water on your face. It’s super lightweight and refreshing on the skin.  When you put it on your face, it has a cooling effect on your face and even though you don’t feel like your makeup is thoroughly removed, it definitely removes makeup.  How would I know? I used a toner after to remove the excess makeup that I thought hadn’t come off and what I noticed was that there wasn’t much makeup left on my face.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water

This product melts the makeup off really well and cleans out makeup from within your pores too.  My skin feels refreshed, clean and makeup free. It also doesn’t cause any skin infection, skin inflammation, breakouts and other skin problems.

The texture is watery or rather it’s practically like water – it’s clear. It does tend to spill, slip and slide so it could get messy during the removal process; however, your face doesn’t end up feeling sticky, uncomfortable or just weird after using this and it’s easy to spread over your face.

You can use a cotton pad with this, it will make the removal process easier, but I find that warming the cleansing water in my palms melts the makeup off better.

I have also tried removing my eye makeup with this and it’s done well so far.  I am able to easily remove my mascara and eyeliner with this, but I’m not too sure about waterproof products. It doesn’t sting my eyes nor does it cause my eyes to go red and veiny.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water

It’s ideal as a makeup remover, I’d say it’s better than most makeup removing products. There’s no fragrance, so it’ll be suitable for those who don’t like fragranced products.

Packaging wise, I would have to say that it is pretty nice.  The packaging is attractive, light and simple; however, it is a “press-for-product” kind of nozzle,so it wouldn’t be ideal for travelling as it could easily spill and make a huge mess in your bag, but you can control how much product you want to use in your palms.

The price however is pretty okay as you get 200 ml of product that could last you for quite a while.

Pros of Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water:

  • Oil-free.
  • Feels like water on face.
  • Lightweight on the face.
  • Refreshes face.
  • Has a cooling effect.
  • Melts most of the makeup.
  • Doesn’t cause any skin problems.
  • Water-like texture.
  • Easy to spread.
  • Face doesn’t feel sticky, uncomfortable after removal.
  • Removes eyeliner and mascara too.
  • Doesn’t irritate eyes.
  • Light and simple packaging.
  • No fragrance.
  • You can control the amount of product dispensed.
  • Reasonable price for a great amount of product.

Cons of Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water:

  • Tends to spill, slip and slide.
  • Removal process may get messy.
  • Not travel friendly.

Would I Repurchase Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water?

I would repurchase this again. This really does the job and leaves amazing results. Till I find something better, this will continue to go in my basket every time I need a remover.

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10 thoughts on “Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Cleansing Water Review

    1. Thanks Aprita. 🙂 I’ll have to pick some cleansing oils next time I drop by a shiseido or shu uemura counter then. 😀

  1. Oooh…this sounds good *drool* *drool* ..I guess this is Neutrogena’s take on Bioderma in terms of consistency… well-reviewed Natasha.. *happydance*

    1. It’s kind of in between the both. It’s like a cleansing oil except it has a cleansing water kind of consistency and it isn’t oily.

  2. sounds good…but the review is really confusing is it a cleansing water or oil ?? since the pics are saying cleansing water and u mentioned in the beginning it as an oil *waiting*

      1. Whoops, error right there sorry about the confusion. 🙂 It’s cleansing water that works like a cleansing oil and has the same consistency as any other cleansing water.

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